CNN notes for the second time in a day a drastic difference between Rob Portman and John Kasich:


One fan of this site already made this music suggestion.

Frankly, I was thinking this instead:

Running Scared Movie

John Kasich is refusing to talk to the media in the final week.  He refuses to be held accountable for his false, ridiculous partisan meltdown.

And if independents and undecided voters hear what Kasich said today, he will lose (if he hasn’t already lost.)

This campaign was supposed to be John Kasich’s big comeback.  He essentially been planning this ever since he retired from Congress.  He set up PACs to fund his aides to stand on the ready for his “go” order.  He created another PAC (“Recharge Ohio”) to fund his three years “exploring” his gubernatorial bid.  John Kasich has been running for Governor for almost as long as Ted Strickland has been Governor.

There’s nothing more painful than seeing a victory slip through your fingers, especially for something you’ve plotted for a decade.  John Kasich has no Plan B.  He has no job except Fox News appearances, having books ghostwritten for him, and whoring himself out on the corporate lecture circuit.

That’s where the anger flashes from.  That’s why John Kasich “nationalizes” this race more than even Rob Portman does.  This was supposed to be his stepping stone to the White House.  And while Rob Portman waltzes to the Senate, Kasich can’t believe that he might actually lose this week.  And he’s becoming unglued over that prospect.