I saw that Modern is getting some blow back for his post about John Kasich’s paid actor, who is an ex-offender.  As an ex-offender who ran for office, time for me to chime in.  Here’s the problem with Kasich’s ad.

John Kasich wouldn’t hire an ex-offender to take out his garbage.  Ex-offenders are at the mercy of a society that seeks to make them pay in perpetuity for their mistakes, and John Kasich is one of those vengeful wingnut assholes who are the sharp end of that.  But it’s perfectly OK to Kasich to hire an ex-offender from Florida to lie for his campaign about being an Ohio steelworker.

I bet this guy would love to be a steelworker.  He ain’t, because he’s an ex-offender.  So he’s reduced to bending over and being paid a pittance to lie for a political campaign.  When a pharmaceutical company pays a spokesperson to play a doctor in an ad, they put at the bottom of the screen “paid spokesperson”.  Kasich doesn’t even have the balls to do that.  So he leaves this vulnerable ex-offender out to dry, pays him to pretend to be a steelworker, because he can’t find a single actual steelworker to say what this ex-offender will say.

It’s not just that Kasich is lying.  It’s not just that he’s paying someone to lie for him.  Kasich is also exploiting a vulnerable guy who can’t get a real job because of people like Kasich himself.  That’s the issue here.  It’s wrong, should be pointed out, and bravo to Modern for doing so.

As for the ex-offender – dude, I’ve been in your shoes, way worse than you ever will be.  However, you should have known better than to bend over and let this wingnut campaign for governor pay you to lie.  I know it’s tough out there for ex-offenders, but part of moving on from your mistakes is to stop making them.  You were convicted for LYING.  Forgery, theft, are crimes of dishonesty.  Now someone is paying you a pittance to remain dishonest.  Hell, Kasich probably liked your rap sheet – wow, can this guy lie!  Let’s let him lie for us!  Yippeee!

Stop making yourself a parody of your past, Mr. I’m Not A Steelworker, Mr. I’m Not From Ohio, Mr. I Live In Florida, Mr. Eugene V. Redden III.   You’re in the fast lane right back to jail if this is how you decide to move on, because it ain’t movin’ on.  It’s bullshit.  And you know it, Eugene.  Just because you’re an “actor” doesn’t make it o.k. for a campaign to use you to lie themselves.  Staying in a world of lies you tell is not worth the pennies John Kasich is paying you to be his whore.

And if you’re in the closet, too, which people who lie like this tend to be, get out of it now before you really fuck your life up.