With friends like these, who needs Plunderbund?


That’s New York Times Best Sellers List Author/former Lehman Brothers trading VP describing John Kasich on Twitter.

The “last man on the deal” a “small time banker.”

Kasich’s own boss said of Kasich to the Dayton Daily News:

Weinstein said Kasich knew nothing of banking when he arrived at Lehman fresh off his 18 years as a Congressman from Ohio.

“It was tough going in the beginning because he didn’t know anything about Wall Street or investment banking. So we spent hours with me tutoring him,” Weinstein said.

Prior to Lehman’s collapse, Kasich himself built the public persona that he was a major Wall Street player within Lehman Brothers.  Now?  His boss and others describe him as a guy who was utterly clueless about investment banking who was the last guy in the deal because he was “small time.”

And yet, Kasich repeatedly claims on the trail that its his experience as a business leader (which could only be referring to his time at Lehman Brothers) that makes him uniquely qualified to solve Ohio’s economic problems.

I have to admit.  I feel like I’ve been snowed by Kasich.  I totally bought into the idea that he was a high roller in the company.  It turns out that he apparently was just engaging in political resume puffery like Republican Illinois Senate candidate Mark Kirk, and they basically kept him on the sidelines because he didn’t have the slightest clue what he was doing.

If his own employer couldn’t trust John Kasich to be competent enough to tackle the big economic issues, then why should Ohio?

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