(With apologies to great American and fellow native South Carolinian Stephen Colbert.)

At the beginning of this month, the Kasich campaign announced it wanted to raise $100,000…. at some point.  They’re at $69,637.00 at the time I’m writing this.

On Monday, the Strickland campaign announced that it wanted to raise $110,000 by Saturday.

They’re presently at $85,085That’s over $15,000 more than Kasich has claimed to raise all monthAnd the Strickland campaign did that in only five days.

While I was taping an appearance on ONN’s “Capital Square” with Matt Naugle, the Strickland campaign sent out an e-mail with this subject line: “You=Wall Street?”

Modern — did you know you might be a Wall Street insider?

Congressman Kasich’s allies are trying to compare Ted’s supporters — including circuit-board makers in Canton, accountants in Cincinnati, and computer programmers at a children’s hospital in Columbus — to Wall Street bankers.

Here’s what happened: In a tactic straight out of Karl Rove’s playbook, Congressman Kasich’s friends held a press conference to give reporters a list of people who support Ted. They claimed those people were connected to Wall Street. But there was one big problem.
Instead of Wall Street insiders, they filled the list with everyday Ohioans — and hoped nobody would notice.

Help fight back against these attacks. We’re within reach of our goal of $110,000 by TOMORROW night. Can you chip in with $25, $50, or $100 to put us over the top?

Equating insurance agents in Ohio’s small towns with Lehman Brothers executives is laughable. But that’s exactly what Congressman Kasich’s political operation did this week. And in the process, they falsely attacked hundreds of supporters like you.

The really messed up thing is, they did it while the country’s most extreme right-wingers are pouring Wall Street cash into Ohio to try and get Congressman Kasich into power.

Just this month, Congressman Kasich raised boatloads of cash with potential GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. He’s even taken thousands of dollars from Sarah Palin!
We’re just short of our goal of $110,000 by midnight tomorrow. Can you help fight back against these absurd attacks with $25, $50, or $100 and put us over the top?

Congressman Kasich’s support for outsourcing jobs might help him with Wall Street insiders, but Ohioans understand that the unfair trade deals Kasich supports are bad for Ohio. That’s why Kasich and his allies have to resort to falsely attacking Ted’s supporters to have a chance.

I love that the Strickland-Brown campaign is running with the ORP’s laughable attack this week.  How laughable has this attack backfired? A columnist at Fortune magazine is even mocking Kasich’s absurd lengths to hide his ties to Lehman Brothers:

Well, this one started by pretending those seven years didn’t happen. On the web site of John Kasich for Governor of Ohio, you’ll find nary a mention of Lehman or Wall Street. Instead, you’ll find platitudes like this one: “his entire career has been about making a difference.” It seems Kasich may actually agree with Strickland that working at Lehman was a bad thing. Otherwise, why not mention a job he held for nearly a decade?

Don’t try calling his campaign to ask about Lehman Brothers, either. Like so many campaigns these days, you won’t find a phone number anywhere on Kasich’s site. Send an email, you’ll get no response. Track down some state GOP people and ask for the phone number of his headquarters and they’ll act like they’re protecting Brad Pitt’s privacy, telling you they’re not authorized to give out that number, but that they’d be pleased to pass along a message for you.

And even when he’s spoken about Lehman, he’s been brief. “Here’s the truth,” he said in a campaign advertisement. “I didn’t run Lehman Brothers. I was one of 700 managing directors. I worked in a two-man office in Columbus.”

Truth be told, we’re not sure where we’re supposed to go with that. Is he trying to say that the folks at Lehman had no interest in John Kasich being in charge of anything but a two-man operation? (If he was even in charge of that.) What kind of message does that send to the voters of Ohio?

So, for just a small donation to the Strickland campaign, you, too, can call yourself a Wall Street insider!

Impress your friends.  Impress your neighbors!

And join me as we take a stand against the small business bashing by John Kasich’s friends who are trying to find some way to gloss over his eight-years at Lehman Brothers.

My name is Modern Esquire.

I am Wall Street, and so can you!