Back in May 12, 2010, the Columbus Dispatch reported that John Kasich helped Lehman Brothers pitch its services to two public pensions that wound up losing millions in other investments it had with Lehman Brothers.

“Kasich never approached any other Ohio governmental entity about doing business with Lehman, the campaign said.”

Well, this morning, the Columbus Dispatch has found out that the Kasich campaign lied

Although John Kasich’s campaign said earlier this year he only had two contacts with Ohio’s pension systems trying to drum up business for Lehman Brothers, the State Teachers Retirement System now says the former Lehman managing director called them as well.

“One of our associates in our real estate area received a phone call from Mr. Kasich about eight years ago in mid-2002,” Laura Eckler, spokeswoman for the pension system, told The Dispatch.

Kasich has done nothing but lie about his role in Lehman Brothers.  When news about how much the State pension funds lost with Lehman Brothers’ collapse broke, the campaign denied that Kasich was responsible claiming that his job duties had nothing to do with state pensions.

Then when public documents surfaced showing Kasich had, in fact, been involved in pitching Lehman Brothers to the state pensions, the Kasich campaign claimed he had only set up the meetings but didn’t participate in the pitches.

When public documents arose that showed, that, too, was a lie, then the Kasich campaign claimed that these were the only instances in which he was involved.  Now, we now that, too, is a lie.

In an attempt to say something positive about his role in Lehman Brothers, Kasich portrayed Lehman Brothers (and himself personally) as instrumental in the launching of IT giant, Google.  That, too, was a lie.

The media is missing the bigger picture of Lehman Brothers here, and the biggest lie John Kasich has made of Lehman Brothers.  Every time John Kasich, then central Ohio Republican Congressman, has claimed he was not hired by Lehman Brothers to lobby the Republican Administration in Columbus specifically for the purposes of drumming up state business for Lehman Brothers, he is lying.

geniusJohn Kasich has only a bachelor’s degree in political science.  Despite being middle aged, he had no relevant private sector experience before working Lehman.  He had no certification with the SEC.  And yet, John Kasich was offered a managing director position in what was one of, if not the, largest investment bank in the world, given a top-floor, corner office in  its world headquarters in NYC in the heart of the financial district, and just happened to be the reason they opened a small office in Columbus, Ohio’s state capital.  And we’re supposed to believe that this wasn’t done specifically so that Kasich could land Lehman more state business, even though its pretty clear that was exactly one of the first things he did when he started at Lehman?

Let’s not forget what Kasich’s own boss said about Kasich’s skill set when he started at Lehman, either:

“It was tough going in the beginning because he didn’t know anything about Wall Street or investment banking. So we spent hours with me tutoring him,” Weinstein said.

Either John Kasich is so vain that he never caught on that the only reason he got the job was because Lehman Brothers believed the ability of his political connections creating business for them outweighed his complete and utter lack of qualifications, or he thinks we’re too stupid to realize it ourselves.  And yet, time after time, Kasich’s campaign specifically suggests that Kasich’s regular job duties did not involving lobbying his friends in the Taft Administration for business for Lehman Brothers, and the media doesn’t seem to even question such an assertion even after Kasich’s campaign had been caught “red handed” asking those very pension officials to now spin the media about Lehman Brothers pension losses.

If John Kasich cannot tell us the truth about his eight years at Lehman Brothers, how can we expect him to tell us the truth about what he’ll do the next four years as Governor?

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