It’s been interesting to watch this inevitable transformation of John Kasich from pity party to full on angry man. You’ll remember their first defense for Strickland going on the offensive was to basically say “LEAVE JOHN KASICH ALONE”. Mean, mean Ted Strickland should not attack poor John Kasich. It was not fair.  Ted should talk about his record and not put poor little Lehman Brothers boy John Kasich on the defensive.  It was as if they were taking campaign advice directly from Chris Crocker.

When that didn’t work (hint: noboby is going to leave John Kasich alone) Team Kasich struck out with an angry message which bridged the gap between “Leave John Kasich ALONE” and “Kasich Angry, Kasich Smash”.  It was basically leave John Kasich alone DAMNIT!

Here’s the best part of this.  John Kasich is going to get more and more angry the more we poke at him.  He’s going to eventually lash out in ways we can only imagine now.  I predict this Kasich as Hulk meme will come to define his candidacy.  He’ll eventually snap and do something really, really stupid.  The guy appears built for it.  You don’t get this many stories about your anger and what a douche bag asshole you are – from BOTH sides I’d add – without there being lots of fire to go along with the smoke.

When Naugle goes into the spin cycle talking about how we need an asshole with a temper to get us out of this economic mess you know you got big troubles.

Kasich Angry.  Kasich SMASH!

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