Not only is the ad really bad because its filled with cheesy, forced attack lines based on obscure political references (I’d note that not even the Carpetblogger has written or Tweet’d about it), but according to the Columbus Dispatch (R-Columbus), it’s also false and misleading.

First, the ad lies about the true state of the jobs market in Ohio:

Like the other ads, the latest, which began airing yesterday, focuses on jobs lost during Strickland’s tenure, although after several months of job gains, the actual number lost is 379,900 from December 2006 through June.

Yeah, they’re only 20,000 jobs off from the truth.  Of course, there’s a reason the GOP keep using the 400,000 figure besides the fact that it’s larger.  By using the same large number over and over, the GOP is talking down the economy in voters’ minds to fool them into thinking things are improving.  You’d think the GOP would be satisfied with the economic situation that they wouldn’t need to exaggerate things, but they do.

Did you know that we’ve already regained 12% of those jobs this year alone?  That’s right a recession over two years old, and we’ve gotten nearly an eighth of the jobs back in just five months time.  Growth normally always takes longer than the big drops, but there’s no doubt that Ohio’s economy is growing and creating private sector jobs steadily.  We have the jobs data and Kasich’s rewinding “Blame Strickland clock” to show it.

For example of the GOP’s outright lying about the economy, take a look at this completely false editorial by State Rep. Martin:

As you are well aware, Ohio’s economy has continued to struggle while other states have seen a slight economic rebound. Unlike many of our neighbors, our economy cannot grow because our tax rate is so high. If we were able to lower taxes, small businesses would have more income to hire new employees and businesses across the state would expand because Ohioans would be spending more. However, House Democrats raised taxes in 2009 and passed a budget last July that will cost the taxpayers for years to come.

You’d think Ohio is a lone island in a sea of economic recovery (it isn’t.)  Ohio hasn’t had the same slight economic rebound?  Even as it led the nation in job growth in April and has better than most states job growth since then?

Ohio’s economy cannot grow because of high taxes, even though taxes are 17% LOWER than when the economy was growing before the Great Lehman Brothers recession?  Then there’s the complete and utter lie that taxes have been raised when they, instead, stayed the same.

Kasich, Portman, the RGA, and Martin isn’t the only member of the House GOP blatantly talking down the economy for political reasons.  State Rep. Snitchler wrote that Ohio’s economy suffers from the high cost of doing business, too, even though the cost of doing business is lower in Ohio than several of the no-income tax states Snitchler believes we should become.  Manufacturing declining?  It’s actually leading the State’s job growth.  The President of the Ohio Manufacturers Association praises Strickland for positioning the State to be a pro-growth manufacturing State again.

Anyway, back to the RGA’s ad, the Dispatch takes most of the story just simply explaining what the RGA is referring to, before noting that it’s false.  The ad suggests Strickland intentionally lied about budget savings, when he didn’t.

The ad also falsely suggest that Strickland hasn’t cut spending in Ohio:

Like many ads, “Pulled” tells only a piece of a bigger story. In the current two-year budget, Strickland – and the General Assembly – reduced state general-fund spending by nearly $2 billion. In the previous budget, spending was cut by $1.5 billion.

It’s a nice way of saying.  The RGA is lying to the people of Ohio about Ted Strickland’s record.  And not even effectively.

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