The Strickland campaign announced that tomorrow afternoon they will “reveal new information obtained from public record requests about Congressman Kasich’s role in pitching Ohio state pensions while he was a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers.”

We learned back in May that Kasich lobbied two state pensions on behalf of Lehman Brothers:

Rob Nichols, a Kasich campaign spokesman, said in the statement. “At the request of a New York-based colleague, he was glad to help arrange two introductory meetings, and then his colleagues took things from there.”

Kasich then claimed that he only helped arrange the presentations, until public records suggested otherwise.

So, that was it, right, John?  End of story?

Um, no, then we learned that the Kasich campaign tried to get its Taft Administration allies inside the state pensions to spin Lehman Brothers-related losses to the media in a way to avoid Kasich political harm (even though the campaign insists Kasich had no significant role with Lehman Brothers and Ohio pensions despite being, you know, the freaking head of Lehman’s Columbus office.)

In hindsight, it’s really hard to believe that there’s anything left about Kasich’s role in Lehman Brothers seeking State pension work.  I mean, he’s been so open and honest about so far…

Kasich Angry Pension Teaser