Apparently, John Kasich’s bible study group never discussed modesty when he was there.  From the New Philadelphia Times Reporter (which covered Kasich apparently talking to two people):

The more [the people of Ohio] get to know me…

Bruce Banner Kasich

the more they will like me…”

Bruce Banner Kasich

Kasich predicted.

Kasich Angry

Adding… “or else.”


And yes, John Kasich does refer to himself in the third person, even when he’s in Bruce Banner mode, right, Cleveland Plain Dealer?

“There is this perception in some quarters that Kasich is not available. You think I am not available you call me," Kasich said. "Because I don’t think I’ve ever turned down any of your interviews, unless they are just stupid questions."

I think John Kasich misunderstands what the word “offensive” means when his campaign said they wanted him to start a “charm offensive.”

[NOTE TO ALL MEDIA:  When Kasich starts engaging in Hulk-speak, just run…. run as fast as you can.]

You know who else talks about themselves in the third person?  Kasich’s mortal enemy:


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