Bruce Banner Kasich 

“Stop talking about Lehman Brothers! Don’t make me angry.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…”

Bruce Banner Kasich

“It…. was….. two-man office…. in Columbus!  AAaaaarrgggghhhh!”

Kasich Angry


This is pretty much the reaction I witnessed from a room full of people had when they saw the ad this weekend while my wife and I were out on “date night.”

The ad is running in only Cincinnati and Columbus.  Both should be Kasich’s base already.  The campaign is begging its supporters to give it feedback. 

This ad doesn’t seem to make Kasich likeable to those seeing it.  I bet that’s why it’s only on a limited run in Cincinnati and Columbus (both of which should be Kasich’s base.)  Kasich wanted an ad because it enrages him anytime anyone associates him with Lehman Brothers. 

Let’s not forget how he reacted to Joan Walson on Hardball when she mentions him working at Lehman Brothers (@ 7:57):

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