(HT: Dave Harding at Progress Ohio)

Governor Ted Strickland is scheduled on Monday to open the 2010 National Matches will once again feature traditional National Rifle Association Championships and Civilian Marks­manship Program National Trophy Rifle and Pistol Matches and CMP Games Events plus important training activities and special events like the Pistol and Rifle Small Arms Firing Schools at the Friends of Camp Perry Memorial Plaza, located at the opposite end of the entrance to Camp Perry on Lawrence Road.

Just look what this opening ceremony involves:

The prestigious First Shot Ceremony is a col­orful kickoff featuring the airborne delivery of a ceremonial American Flag by three Ohio National Guard 19th Special Forces para­troopers via Blackhawk helicopter. The flag flies for the duration of the Matches which conclude 17 August. The event hosts more than 6,000 competitors including the top pis­tol and rifle marksmen in the nation and has been a tradition at Camp Perry since 1907.

After Governor Strickland concludes his remarks, he will officially open the National Matches by firing the ceremonial first shot on the 600-yard Rodri­guez Range located adjacent to the Memorial Plaza.

I’m sorry, but the idea of an airborne delivery of Old Glory by paratroopers out of a Blackhawk helicopter believing this will be playing before the Star Spangled Banner:

I think John Kasich is scheduled to sit in his study, sipping a brandy in his smoking jacket while doing a phone interview with Pastor Jim from Backwater, Georgia to talk about his book at the same time.  Or something.  Because he’s not going to be there.

But the events the day before may have a bigger political implication in the Governor’s race.

This morning, the Buckeye Firearms Association announced that Governor Strickland will be Pickaway County Sportsman’s Club in Circleville for a shooting event and fundraiser.  Again, John Kasich?  Not going to be there.  But probably that’s not a bad idea for him.

Oh, and then Buckeye Firearms Association said:

At that time, Buckeye Firearms Association will make a major announcement concerning the Governor and the upcoming elections in Ohio. The media is invited to attend.

There can only be one logical explanation.  The Buckeye Firearms Association will join the National Rifle Association in endorsing Governor Strickland.  (I wonder if they’ll also endorse Rich Cordray in the Attorney General’s race?  If they were to endorse in that race, I think it’s Cordray’s endorsement to give DeWine’s past support of federal gun control legislation.

Can’t wait to see Kasich bloggers Jon Keeling and Matt Naugle trash the Buckeye Firearms Association like they did with the NRA after its endorsement.

John Kasich just ordered one of his servants to kick the cat.