From the daily archives: Friday, July 9, 2010

(HT: Dave Harding at Progress Ohio)

Governor Ted Strickland is scheduled on Monday to open the 2010 National Matches will once again feature traditional National Rifle Association Championships and Civilian Marks­manship Program National Trophy Rifle and Pistol Matches and CMP Games Events plus important training activities and special events like the Pistol and Rifle Small Arms Firing Schools at the Friends of Camp Perry Memorial Plaza, located at the opposite end of the entrance to Camp Perry on Lawrence Road.

Just look what this opening ceremony involves:

The prestigious First Shot Ceremony is a col­orful kickoff […]

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The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog disclosed that apparently the Dispatch (wisely) has a policy about not writing about internal campaign polls because they are not (really?) inherently reliable. 

This, of course, didn’t stop Congressman Tiberi’s campaign from trying really, really, really hard yesterday to let you know just how awesome his campaign pollster said he is.

The Dispatch notes that Brooks internally campaign polling does show Tiberi ahead, but with a much smaller lead, but within striking distance.  Although I haven’t seen the numbers, my gut tells me Brooks’ poll is probably more accurate.  Brooks […]

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In the middle of HurriKing James hitting the nation last night, the Fisher campaign decided it was a good time to announce their fundraising figures.

According to yesterday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, Fisher will report to the FEC raising more than $1 million since the post-primary FEC filing and has about $1 million on hand.  As Mark Naymik noted, that puts Fisher’s fundraising on par with his best campaign fundraising periods in the primary (although, I would assume that this was a shorter period than a full quarter, so actually it may be his best yet.)

However, former Bush […]

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Are we a sports blog all of a sudden? I’m easily the most sports-obsessed author here, and even I’m taken aback at how much “King James” has dominated here recently.

I’m still going to pile on. I’m not an NBA fan; for hoops I’m a college guy (Ohio State, of course), and my interest in the NBA is mostly in wanting to see what The Villain can do in Philly. But LeBron is an icon across Ohio, and (as should be obvious) his leaving the Cavs will have a tremendous effect in quite a few areas beyond wins and […]

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I was planning to be in a comatose state of mourning for about a week after last night’s Lebron James decision, but then Dan Gilbert has to open his mouth.  As a candidate running to represent the region of downtown Cleveland where Gilbert’s Lebron-less businesses will sit, including his constitutionally enshrined right to run his own currency mint…er…I mean casino, I have something to say to Mr. Gilbert, who isn’t even from Cleveland.

Shut up, and go sit on a beach somewhere for about a month.  You need a vacation.  You failed to keep the best basketball player of […]

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