From the Columbus Dispatch:

Outside the speech, a protester who said he was an Ohio State student but would only identify himself as “Colton” complained that party officials tried to confiscate his yellow “failure” signs referring to the loss of jobs on Strickland’s watch.

Colton Henson’s Twitter account establishes that he is a Kasich campaign intern.


Colton works for … John Kasich, and his brother works for the Ohio Republican Party as a videographer, also known as a “tracker.”  And Colton allowed himself to be interviewed as a protestor without ever disclosing that he works for the Kasich campaign and was sent there by them.


If you’re a visual learner and you still need help making the connection:

First, Kasich has to get a blogger to Virginia to astroturf the conservative blogsphere to make him appear to have support among conservatives in Ohio.  Kasich’s even been caught within the past week inflating his online fundraising numbers.  Now, he’s sending campaign interns to protest at Strickland’s speeches.

[UPDATE:]  It gets even worse…. one of the other five protestors was the Ohio Republican Party’s “tracker” of the Strickland campaign.

According to an eyewitness to the protest, another was Kyle Farmer, the Executive Director of the Fairfield County Republican Party. 


According to Twitter, some from the “Hinch Group” was there with him.  The Hinch Group is a political consultancy company which lists…. John Kasich’s campaign as a client.


In other words, of the five people who showed up to protest at Governor Strickland’s speech, all but one readily tweeted something showing their involvement in the “protest” despite their clear connections back to the Kasich campaign.  Even worse, some of them even joked about their astroturfing.

Forget Wall Street.  How much money does Kasich have invested in Astoturf?

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