From the daily archives: Sunday, January 31, 2010

Work has been kicking my ass the past few weeks. I’ve had very little time for anything else – especially politics. But when I saw the 2009 campaign finance data had finally been posted I made some time today to download the reports for Strickland and Kasich.

Taking a quick look a few things pop out immediately. One of them is what seems to be a large number of traditionally Republican contributors giving very large sums of money to Strickland.

When I talk about traditional Republicans I’m talking about people who have rarely, if ever, donated to a Democrat […]

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I am preparing to write the glowingest post about Chris Redfern I’ve ever written, or probably ever will write. ?Mr. Chairman, feel free to start shopping for frames that match Plunderbund’s color scheme. ?Before I do that, I need to touch on the potential for an ODP endorsement in the post-Garrison SOS primary in favor of Maryellen O’Shaughnessy over Sharen Neuhardt.

To be clear – I do not support ODP endorsements in primaries, ever. ?However, in this instance, an ODP endorsement was a last bullet, albeit high caliber, in the chamber aimed at getting out Jennifer Garrison. ?Whether that potential […]

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