From the daily archives: Friday, January 29, 2010

So, yesterday, the Kasich-Taylor campaign had a web event billed as a town-hall in all 88 counties in Ohio.

Here’s the turnout among College Republicans in Mansfield:

BTW, according to WMFD TV, that’s the crowd they got at an event hosted by THREE different College Republicans chapters… in central Ohio… Kasich’s geographical base.

This is what $40k in polling and over $10k in private jets gets you in Ohio.

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Jennifer Garrison’s SoS campaign reported $294,541.48 on hand.

Husted has already reported his $2,051,714.28 on hand.? His primary opponent Sandra O’Brien continues the trend of conservative darlings who can’t raise money with $51,915.62 on hand.

Mary Taylor cleared out her account after reportedly raising $230,420.56 in the last six months…. Gee, I wonder where that went?

Well, on January 14, 2010, her Auditor campaign made a $181,264.25 donation to the Ohio Republican State Candidate Fund…? Huh, that’s odd, way back on December 31, 2009, that same fund made a $100,000 to… the Kasich campaign.? On December 14, 2009, the Summit […]

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Governor Strickland’s re-election campaign just released their numbers: around $6.2 million cash-on-hand (that’s over 50% more than what Kasich reported.)

This is an obscene amount of money on both sides.? Seriously.? In 2006, neither Strickland nor Blackwell even had over half a million on hand.? Governor Strickland’s campaign actually has roughly half on hand of what his 2006 campaign spent during the entire race last cycle.

It’s the most money any candidate for Governor, let alone an incumbent, has ever reported in Ohio history.

But that’s not the only record Strickland’s campaign broke:

“Not only does Strickland’s campaign […]

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Obama Takes on the House GOP

On January 29, 2010 By

This afternoon, I looked up at my muted TV and saw President Obama and Rep. Boehner. I unmuted. What followed was a solid hour of amazing TV. Not just amazing political TV. Seriously, I encourage you to watch the entire Q&A session between Obama and members of the House GOP.

We need more dialogue like this. But I don’t expect it to happen. Apparently, the House GOP now believes this session was a mistake…because it made Obama look good. Who cares that it made our democracy look good too!

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I love how the right-wing blogsphere is suddenly trying to make something out of the event within the Democratic primary race for Secretary of State race seem like the disaster that is Mary Taylor leaving the Auditor’s office.  The problem is that the two situations are ENTIRELY different.

Last time I checked, Jennifer Garrison wasn’t an incumbent in an apportionment board race who was widely popular with her base, nor was she viewed as likely to win her race, either.

Unless I’m mistaken, the two events prove that the progressive blogsphere is far more influential in the Democratic Party than […]

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While I concur with what Tim said, I generally disagree with Anthony’s take on today’s news that ODP may endorse Franklin County Clerk of Courts Maryellen O?Shaughnessy has anything to do with Sharen Neuhardt.  I’m not hearing that from anyone at all, nor does the Dispatch article lend any support to that theory.

The only reason Chris Redfern would have made the statements he made in that press conference is because Jennifer Garrison has no intention of dropping out of the race.  If Garrison was thinking about getting out any ways, there’d be little reason for […]

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I’m watching the extraordinary appearance of Barack Obama at the House Republican caucus. ?It’s very recognizable to me. ?It’s Tony Blair’s Masochism strategy. ?Let them beat you up, loudly, publicly. ?The bet is that you’ll come out looking reasonable, courageous, and like a leader, while the ones beating you up look petty and partisan. ?Will it work? ?We’ll see.

Either way, I’ve never seen a sitting US president take questions from the opposing party in Congress, repeatedly, on live television. ?Let alone from a Republican Party happy to look completely disingenuous, petty, and partisan.

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That’s what this story and this quote means.

Speaking at an Associated Press-sponsored conference for reporters, Redfern did not throw his support behind Garrison, who represents a competitive state House district that Democrats could struggle to keep if she runs for secretary of state.

“I feel confident she’ll hold that seat, if that’s her choice,” Redfern said.

Fernsy is very publicly letting it be known that it is ODP that is pushing out Garrison, and about to potentially endorse O’Shaughnessy. ?He wants the credit. ?If he pulls it off, he’ll deserve it.

Not quite time for a blog victory […]

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Watching CNN late tonight I found myself again confronted with C. Everett Koop, Bush senior’s strange, naval-uniform-wearing, mustacheless-beard-having surgeon general.

This time he’s not trying to convince me I need to get my grandma Life Alert in case she falls down and can’t get up. Instead he’s spreading lies about Obama’s health care reform plans and the UK’s health care system.


And make no mistake, these are lies. I fully believe that this old mother fucker has tons of shit wrong with him. And I fully believe that he, as an old rich white guy, was able […]

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