From the daily archives: Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the group is over 27,000 signatures short to get their ballot initiative on the November ballot. (Over a third of its signatures were deemed invalid.)

The group has ten days to get the necessary signatures.  Here’s another non-shocker: no statement from the group in reaction. 

I bet the Blackwell campaign alumni association known as won’t even bother, even after they took their case to the Ohio Supreme Court just so they could throw the state budget in chaos so that they could push for a referendum issue that will never make […]

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Let me get this straight, despite the fact that Governor Strickland can identify all of the funding and has studies showing all of the jobs that will be created and where they’ll be created within two years, conservatives say the 3C train plan is a bad idea…

But…. a massive tax repeal that Kasich-Taylor cannot explain how it will be paid for, cannot get done within a DECADE, and cannot even guestimate how many jobs it will allegedly create is GENIUS?  Odd double standard.

Seriously, as I read Jon Keeling and other conservatives rant against how government shouldn’t use spending […]

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Going around to the various news websites in Ohio, there is a high number of positive comments about the 3C commercial rail project announcement today (which, given the audience that is people who comment on the news, is remarkable.)

The central conservative criticism seems to be: “if this is so great, the private sector would have done it.”  The other is that the rail will need to be subsidized in order to stay in operation.

These are a remarkably ignorant statements about the history of transportation infrastructure in this country and State.

The private market didn’t create a single commercial […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reports that Franklin County Clerk of Courts Maryellen O’Shaughnessy is also close to making a decision as to whether to belated enter the Democratic Secretary of State primary.

O’Shaughnessy comes from a Franklin County Democratic dynasty and was one of the earliest challenges to Congressman Pat Tiberi.

Franklin County is expected to be a major battleground for the Statewide races as well.

Meanwhile, I wonder where Joe Hallett learned this from:

The prospective O’Shaughnessy candidacy is fueled, in part, by growing Democratic opposition to state Rep. Jennifer Garrison’s candidacy for secretary of state. Party liberals […]

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The State of Ohio is expecting that the Obama Administration will announce that it will receive $400 million of the $564 million it requested in ARRA federal stimulus funds to implement the 3C rail project.

Officials have said that this is sufficient funding to start passenger rail service among Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland by 2012.

Eventually, once there is a reliable source of dependable passenger rail service in Ohio, the 3C rail project is expected to be a precursor to a high-speed rail service.

There are unsubstantiated reports that a company will open a plant […]

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Another rec’d diary.? If Brunner gets one of these bumps every two weeks or so, the cumulative momentum will bring her campaign to parity with Lee Fisher on fundraising well before election day.? That, on top of much else, will mean Lee Fisher is done.

After a year or so of treading water on the online fundraising front, Jennifer is starting to cook with gas.? Pretty soon, she’ll have crossed a tipping point, past which every single thing she writes online will raise money in large amounts.

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