From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In the middle of a Cavs beatdown of Minnesota, and right before the president’s speech tonight, Tim Ryan local staffer in Akron Sean Buchanan gave me a call to tell me he’s running for state rep in OH-68, which includes much of Portage County.? Because I have a soft spot for Tim Ryan staffers, I didn’t immediately hang up!

Sean will be leaving Tim Ryan’s office in two weeks to concentrate full time on the May 5 primary for the open seat being vacated by term-limited Kathleen Chandler.? At the moment, the primary includes Sean and former Mayor of Kent, […]

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In response to Kasich-Taylor announcing that they were reporting they have $4 million on hand, Strickland-Brown Communication Director Lis Smith issued the following statement:

“While we are still compiling our fundraising report, Governor Strickland will have more cash on hand than any incumbent Governor in Ohio history at this point in the campaign. Given Congressman Kasich?s 20 years in Washington,?brief presidential campaign, and 7 years on Wall Street, we?re frankly surprised that he didn?t raise more.?

So what does that mean?? Well, according to the Secretary of State’s office, if Ms. Smith’s statement is true, that means that […]

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This time it’s the Lorain Morning Journal:

A story released yesterday by the Associated Press calls into question Kasich?s claims that eliminating the income tax will return money to Ohio residents? pockets. The story reports that of the nine states without a broad-based tax on personal income like Ohio?s, four still collect more taxes per person than Ohio by charging more in other taxes. The other five states are collecting within $650 of Ohio in total per-person state taxes.

If Kasich indeed has a large ?good? idea, he needs to explain it, particularly how eliminating the Ohio […]

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And who said these two crazy kids weren’t getting along?

Mark Naymik from the Plain Dealer just reported that the Strickland campaign last month hired Sandy Theis, who also is a communication consultant for the Brunner campaign.

I, too, recently just joined the campaign staff of the Brunner campaign.

Again, the idea that people for Strickland are monolithically for Fisher is simply not true.

Now that Governor Strickland has announced a running mate, Fisher’s ability to use the Governor as a foil to try to keep people from going to Brunner is weakening as people realize that regardless […]

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Here’s the roundup of editorials on yesterday’s State of the State address:

Toledo Blade:

GOV. Ted Strickland’s State of the State address yesterday was long on initiatives that may reap long-term benefits in jobs and economic growth, but short on what many of the state’s nearly 675,000 unemployed residents hoped to hear: when there will be work for them. That’s as good as could be expected under the circumstances.

Mr. Strickland can’t spend money the state doesn’t have. Faced with massive cuts in many areas of state spending, the governor was honest about his commitment to maintain […]

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Good.? Now is the time for Jennifer Garrison to drop out.

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Hi Tonya!? You’ll get to know Tonya Gurr real well here.? Maybe after this, Tonya Gurr will get to know Dennis Kucinich, even!

I dropped off my MacBook Pro at the Crocker Park Apple Store today to fix the rapidly deteriorating fan situation?(thanks for all the suggestions, none worked!), and was again seduced by Iphones everywhere.? For those new to my Iphone upgrade nightmare, I’ve been in a death match with AT&T over Iphone upgrade for a long time.?

Since this battle began, AT&T has sent me no upgrade offer, despite having sent me a?fraudulent one […]

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Matthew Yglesias has a pair of posts up that reinforce the fact that Obama is still much more popular than Congress, and that Democrats are slightly more popular than Republicans.

I’m pretty sure Democrats will continue to take the wrong message away from losing Kennedy’s seat and turn a papercut into a sucking chest wound. Sorry Conan O’Brien – I’m a cynic.

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Looks to me like there’s a sanity streak breaking out amongst some Republicans.

$47,621.14 raised

$51,174.85 spent

$27,319.20 cash on hand…

I’ve got nothing against the Tea Party folks.? I agree with probably 90% of what they stand for.? But being angry at Democrats and some Republicans and showing up at a rally every twenty years or so is not enough….

Beware the siren song of the teabag. ?In the heat of the moment, passion rushing through you like Sophia Loren’s probing tongue, it seems like a good idea, but you won’t respect yourself in […]

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