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Ask yourself this, if there was any predictable, foreseeable event in which the Kasich campaign would want to use State Auditor Mary Taylor to be the face of the campaign’s response, wouldn’t it have been the Governor’s State of the State address?

Given all the hype and spin and justification as to why Taylor was such a great pick by the Kasich campaign, wouldn’t it had made sense to have the State Auditor out front today?  Seriously, you have the State Auditor on your ticket and your opponent, the incumbent Governor, is talking about his record of fiscal conservatism.   If […]

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I’ve just seen this ad by Tom Ganley twice in the last 2 hours on two separate Cleveland broadcasts on local ABC affiliate WEWS in the 6pm local news (big money slot), and just after Jeopardy before primetime (highest dollar). ?Which means Rob Portman is about to be deepthroat teabagged for 4 solid months. ?Let it hang, Rob!

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Who’s bright idea was THIS? 

Hey, John, to compete with the Governor appearing at the well of the People’s house to bipartisan applause, we’re going to film you in an empty room.  But we’ll make it all white like the loading room in “The Matrix.”  The kids will love it even if we never make any guns appear and you never kick ass.  Yeah, we’ll keep it as blank as your plan to fix Ohio’s economy.  Look into the camera like your talking to your dog after it just took a dump on your exotic, persian […]

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Sunday’s Dayton Daily News poll seems like bad news on the surface: Kasich leads Strickland by 6 points.

But if you look at the details, specifically about who Ohioans blame for the current economic problems, it actually seems to bode well for Strickland’s strategy.

Strickland’s campaign, among other things, is attempting to tie Kasich, who worked as a managing director for Lehman Brothers until the company’s epic fail, to the banking meltdown and subsequent economic distress.

While Kasich’s entire campaign strategy is focused on linking Governor Strickland to the current economic problems in the state merely because Ted […]

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(Last part)

Governor Strickland lays out the case as to why he’s the first real education Governor in Ohio:

And even as we acknowledge the sincere shared sacrifice we have endured in recent years, we shouldn?t lose sight of the fact that we have accomplished some things that no other state has been able to do.

We have followed a plan and defied our circumstances to protect our investment in the future.

California recently announced a 32 percent tuition increase at its state universities.  Ohio has held tuition to the lowest increase in the nation over the […]

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Again, more excerpts:

We have made a commitment to building a tax structure that encourages job growth and is respectful of our citizens.

We expanded the Homestead Property Tax Exemption, saving  the average senior citizen homeowner 400 dollars each and every year.

Our business taxes are the lowest in the Midwest.

In fact, every year I have been in office we have cut taxes.

And even with the delay in implementing the final year of the personal income tax reduction, our efforts to carry out the tax reform bill of 2005 have already provided the largest […]

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You can also read the full text here.

Since it’s over an hour long, let me give you some highlights:

“There will come a day when Ohio will be the undisputed home of advanced energy. A day when we will have cast off those two tired little words that have been used to put us down. Rust Belt. Because that?s not who we are.  A day when the iconic image of the Texas oil rig will be eclipsed by the Ohio-made wind turbine and solar panel.“

I believe in Ohio because we have laid the foundation for […]

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Begging you.

The entire Ohio Democratic Party is teed up to put your political career to rest, with dignity and grace. ?Your own home county party is ignoring your race, to the point that you had to have paid staff collecting signatures at last weekend’s executive committee meeting. ?The writing is on the wall – you’re behind, you know it, you’re gonna lose, and so you have a choice to make.

Lee, you can go out gracefully, putting up a good fight the whole way, and perhaps one day fool everyone into thinking you might be worth another statewide shot. […]

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Hot beekeepers!

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This one goes out to one of my most loyal and (even though quite curmudgeonly) favorite commenters. ?You know who you are!

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Thanks to Adrienne, a regular commenter here, for stepping to the plate and helping Jennifer Brunner with a diary at Kos. ?This is how it’s done, folks. ?Engage, online, now. ?And don’t stop until Jennifer Brunner is our nominee. ?Then take a nice long break, and get right back at it.

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I think its safe to say we’ll see more events like this in the coming months.

Yesterday, four Dayton City Councilpersons protested the fiscal impact Kasich’s tax plan would have on local governments.  In Youngstown, Mahoning County Commissioner John McNally IV held a similar press conference outside of a closed library.  In Zanesville, the Mayor talked about how Kasich’s tax plan would impact city finances.  In Toledo, the Lucas County Treasurer also held a press conference at a local library to discuss what Kasich’s tax plan would do to local communities there […]

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