From the daily archives: Monday, January 25, 2010

Generally I’m not a fan of political extremists who interrupt press conferences held by mid-level political appointees, but this one really caught my eye today…

The woman throwing the pie was Emily McCoy. She’s from PETA. And the woman receiving it is Gail Shea, the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, who PETA accuses of overseeing the “largest marine mammal slaughter in the world.”

Sure, it’s probably not fair to accuse Ms. Shea, a long-serving Canadian politician, of being responsible for the slaughter of millions of baby seals. But you have to respect PETA’s dedication.

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No word yet on what John Kasich got Joe Hallett for his birthday.

Here’s a question Joe Hallett wrote on Sunday, but didn’t ask John Kasich at his most recent press conference: “How will Ohio pay for its schools if it kills income tax?

Hallett, of course, ignores the fact that State Rep. John Adams, who Hallett criticized, merely introduced the same tax plan as John Kasich:

Are you prepared, [John Kasich], to raise the state sales tax by 6 cents to a national high of 11.5 cents on the dollar? That’s how much would be needed […]

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All weekend, I’ve been praying to the porcelain god, begging for mercy from whatever bug has been going through Cleveland like a hot knife through butter lately. ?I’m emerging from it slowly, so blogging has been light. ?But I just had to post this to get reader reaction – Chris Ronayne announces on Youtube his campaign for Cuyahoga County Council District 3. ?Thoughts?

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