From the daily archives: Friday, January 22, 2010

Anthony gets Lee at the Barack Obama event in Elyria – why couldn’t Lee be at the Barack Obama event last year in his hometown of Shaker Hts? I digress – and Lee does what Lee does best. ?Talks a lot, says precisely nothing.

In particular, Lee would not answer any process questions on health care, i.e., should the House just pass the Senate bill as is, or start over, or push through with reconciliation, or do something else. ? Process questions are the ONLY questions remaining on health care, and Lee just blah blahs his way past the […]

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The Kafka-esque comedy that is the Lee Fisher for US Senate campaign just gets better by the day. ?Yesterday, Lee Fisher’s campaign posted a link at BSB asking for ideas on creating jobs. ?Irony, they name is ROFL. ?But don’t stop laughing! ?At the bottom of the page is this little nugget.

Disclaimer: Please note that we reserve the right to delete ideas or comments that are unnecessarily abusive, repetitive, or unrelated to generating new jobs for Ohio. All ideas are welcome, but be advised that Lee does not consider legalizing marijuana a viable option for creating jobs.


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Get some balls

On January 22, 2010 By

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ODB is on the ground in Elyria while us others are watching on TV, but it’s pretty clear to me that with this speech in our state the President got his groove back.

In what can only be deemed a depressing week with the loss in Massachusetts, President Obama came out swinging and undeterred. Brushing off the Brown victory and quibbling in Washington over health care reform like he did his shoulders during the campaign.

The speech was consumed almost entirely of fighting words – in campaign style. The energy was palpable. The ad libs were smooth […]

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Time to comment on Martha Coakley, Scott Brown, health care, Barack Obama, and the Great Panic of 2010.

What the hell is wrong with you people? ?At this point in the Clinton presidency, Republicans were claiming that Hillary had murdered Vince Foster, put him in a trunk, and dumped in a park. ?At this point in the Reagan presidency, the economy was in the toilet, with predictions that Reagan wouldn’t even dare to run for re-election. ?At this point in Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency, the country was teetering on the brink of societal meltdown.

Democrats just lost Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat […]

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