From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 20, 2010

James Renner over at the Independent details just how much the PD has been in the pocket of Bill Mason lately.

It also revealed the chummy relationship that exists between Mason?s first-assistant Michael O?Malley and Plain Dealer metro editor Chris Quinn?they are close friends and some believed that friendship to be the main roadblock to any real coverage of Mason by Cleveland?s daily paper.

The Independent has since obtained emails between Quinn and O?Malley?176 over the last year?that show just how the prosecutor?s office was able to influence newspaper coverage of its employees at the Plain Dealer.

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Hey Evan Bayh: fuck off.

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Yeah, that’s right – I just gave a sitting Democratic Senator the finger.

?There?s going to be a tendency on the part of our people to be in denial about all this,? Bayh told ABC News, but ?if you lose Massachusetts and that?s not a wake-up call, there?s no hope of waking up.?

OK, maybe. But you have to properly read the sacrificial entrails to divine the appropriate response.

?It?s why moderates and independents even in a state as Democratic as Massachusetts just aren?t buying our message,? he said. ?They just don?t believe the answers we are currently proposing […]

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Holy bleeping bleep.

OhioDaily has confirmed that the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party will not be taking up the issue of Fisher v. Brunner when they meet this Saturday morning to endorse candidates for state and countywide office for the May primary. According to a spokesperson for the county party, there will not be action taken on an endorsement unless the Ohio Democratic Party chooses to endorse on their own.

ODP ain’t moving on this before Saturday if Lee’s home county ain’t pushing it. ?So this means Lee will not get the endorsement of his home county party for this […]

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A primary against Lee Fisher is set in stone, so I think it’s a good time to step back and see where we are, and where Jennifer needs to go to win this race.

Lee Fisher will outspend Jennifer by a mile, and then some, with a torrent of brain numbing TV ads which will make us all dumber. ?Jennifer will have enough money to be visible in the race if nothing changed. ?However, I’ve argued before, and still believe, that Jennifer can close that money gap in a heartbeat online. ?For that to happen, a lot has to change […]

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Just talked to the Brunner campaign, which at this moment is with Jennifer at the SOS office taking press questions about money and Martha Coakley. ?Gotta love that MSM!

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Buckeye State Blog welcomes back Nick D. ?Good. ?We need more voices in the blogosphere on the left in Ohio, and Nick D was always a solid contributor. ?Nick, your voice is welcomed back, rock on. ?Except for one thing, which Nick touches on.

Secondly, I’m sure everyone here remembers the manner of my departure.

In case you don’t remember, Nick’s “manner of departure” was allowing Lee Fisher’s campaign to edit a Youtube interview before he posted it, then pretending it wasn’t a big deal. ?Nick then left BSB after nearly blowing the blog to smithereens, returning to […]

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So What If We Only Have 59 Votes?

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The Democratic senate candidate in Massachusetts just conceded. A Republican will now be taking over the seat held by Ted Kennedy for almost half a century.

I’ll leave it to the MA political bloggers to work through the details of this big political fail on the part of the Democrats in their state.

But still have to ask the question: So what?

So what if we now have 59 votes in the Senate instead of 60. Important, nation-changing legislation has passed through Congress with far fewer votes.

There is no better example than Civil Rights legislation – an issue that […]

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