From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Despite the similarity in name to a very non-conservative musical icon, Joshua James Brown is a long-time, hard-core Republican.

He has a conservative blog. He belongs to the Federalist Society. He worked for the Buckeye Institute.

This guy is a dyed-in-the wool conservative Republican. No question about it.

And when a guy like this authors a blog post titled “Kasich Disappoints”, one has to seriously wonder about the efficacy of the Kasich campaign.

Mr. Brown attended a recent young republican event at which Kasich spoke. And he expected to be impressed. Yet Brown says that Kasich said “nothing substantive” […]

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Just heard that Chris Ronayne has announced to a Democratic ward club meeting that he’s running for county council, not county executive, to represent County Council District 3, which consists of Cleveland wards 13-17. ?Ronayne came to his senses, realizing that he has no business thinking he can win countywide on his first run for office. ?But running for council presents a very big problem for Ronayne, one I will likely be dealing with if I join Ronayne in this council as councillor for District 7.

Ronayne is president of?University Circle Inc., the massive non-profit which handles development in […]

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Weak. That’s the first word that comes to mind. Uncoordinated would be the second. They take the time to run a “first to know” blogad campaign (over there to the right), then don’t do anything with it? I don’t remember being the first to know anything. The only email I got from the campaign was a forward of a media advistory email about the announcement and a mention of the streaming – with no link to it!

The kids on da interwebs might call this a #fail.

I was going to embed the live streaming for PB readers, […]

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Today’s editorial, as a commenter noted, cuts the cord.

As one of the leaders of the campaign for Issue 6, which voters passed overwhelmingly in hopes of ending county government as they know it, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason ought to understand better than most how sick the electorate is of cronyism, patronage and pay-to-play politics.

He has to know that his decision to award a no-bid contract to a former employee is exactly the kind of suspicious deal that drove the Issue 6 reform.

There’ll be a lot more on the relationship between the PD and Mason, […]

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I’ve learned from sources within the Brunner campaign that tomorrow morning at 10 am, Jennifer Brunner will file her petition to run for the US Senate in 2010. ?They’ve got about 2,000 signatures from 50 different counties.

Lee Fisher’s intimidation campaign has failed. ?Lee spent all of 2009 working the phones, back rooms, ODP, and threatening donors, with the single goal of keeping this day from happening, and Jennifer Brunner has survived. ?As we’ve reported previously, there will also be no ODP endorsement for Lee.

Lee Fisher hasn’t won a statewide election since 1990. ?He will lose the next statewide […]

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In recent years anti-abortion activists have tried to tie reproductive rights to any number of truly horrific things.

They claim abortion clinics are like Nazi death camps and reproductive rights are like the Holocaust.

They claim Planned Parenthood, by supporting reproductive rights for women, is a racist organization on par with the KKK because many of their clinics are located in low-income, primarily-African American communities.

It’s a failure of a tactic practiced by a small number of ultra-conservative nutjobs that tends to harm the overall pro-life movement by making everyone who opposes abortion look like a crazed religious extremist.

And […]

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