From the daily archives: Monday, January 18, 2010

Ohio Republican Chairman Kevin DeWine is an asshat.? Here’s his response to the nomination of only the second African-American woman as Lt. Governor in Ohio history:

?He?s had nearly a year to make this selection, and the best he could come up with in the face of an unprecedented fiscal emergency is a social worker with no experience in public finance or state government,? DeWine said in an e-mail.

Seriously, just read this bio.? Easily beats Taylor and Kasich on business experience, as she’s on the corporate boards of both Fifth Third Bank and Full Story...

Up until this evening, Jon Keeling was blogging from Virginia that Ted Strickland hadn’t found a running mate.  That he was now supposedly asking Congressman Space which would make for an odd all SEO ticket.   An unprecedented regional ticket that would have as self-destructive political consequences for Democrats as Taylor does for the Republicans.  In short, Keeling was trying to convince conservatives that Ted Strickland would be as self-destructive to his party in picking a running mate as John Kasich was to the GOP.

Except everyone denied it was true.  Today, the truth was reported, Governor Strickland only made his […]

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If you haven’t watched this yet today you should. Required viewing to remind us how far we’ve come and to call on our better devices to continue to fight for social justice and a more perfect union:

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John Kasich’s former staffer, Homeland Security consultant, and life long suckling on the government teat, Jon Keeling, went after teabagger heroes Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin in July, 2009. for birtherism, racism, etc, which I noticed at the time.

As I’ve discussed before, the Birther movement provided the left with ammo to paint the right as extremist nutcases – an identifier not very much appreciated by the vital Indepedent swing voters.

But as that dies down, the right’s even more recent efforts to paint Obama as racist or racial opportunist may be the key to turning around those […]

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Mike McIntyre is one of the few reporters at the PD who I actually respect, but his top story above the fold in today’s Metro section is one of the shoddiest pieces of “reporting” I’ve seen in a while. ?McIntyre gives valuable PD real estate to county prosecutor Bill Mason’s political consultant, Bill Burges, so Burges can whine about his firm losing its 25-year contract for the county’s health & human services levy.

Why would commissioners go in a new direction when the firm has been so successful in the past? What could it be? Certainly not that […]

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