From the daily archives: Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jane Hamsher’s FDL’s glorious strategy of helping the progressive movement by 1) getting bloggers to get Blue Dog Democrats to support health care, and 2) then blast those Democrats who supported it to the delight of the Republican Congressional leadership continues.

Today, it’s a SurveyUSA poll done by FDL (always reliable) on the OH-01 rematch between incumbent Congressman Steve Driehaus (D) and former Congressman Steve Chabot (Douce).

Which is remarkably picked up by incredible speed by none other than the Tanned One, House Majority Leader John Boehner on Twitter.

Jane Hamsher, who lobbied us to put […]

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This post actually makes me happy.? It tells me that Kasich’s campaign realizes that the Kasich-Taylor launch didn’t exactly go as planned and now they’re trying to muddy the waters to make Strickland’s campaign look like an equal disaster.

The only problem is that it’s entirely untrue.

Jon Keeling honestly expects people to believe that there’s someone who would actually have personal, first-hand knowledge of this and the first person they’d think to tell is a blogger in VIRGINIA – and nobody else.? Jon Keeling expects you to believe that he (ex-Kasich staffer) is more connected to the […]

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John Kasich Invented the Tea Party?

On January 16, 2010 By

I was shocked to find this claim by Republican John Kasich in a recent article at CNN:

“I think I was in the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.”

Yes. You read that right. John Kasich invented the Tea Party. Not just the recent tea party phenomenon. You know, the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging wingnut sychophant party that descended upon us this summer. No. John Kasich invented THE “Tea Party?”. The original one.

I was very doubtful until I found this archival footage of the actual Boston Tea Party:

It is tough to tell at […]

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Yesterday, the Kasich-Taylor campaign had an event with the Toledo College Republicans and a private fundraiser afterwards.

And, apparently, running mate Mary Taylor was at neither.? The Toledo Blade story doesn’t even MENTION Taylor, and worse, Kasich himself doesn’t mention her in the story.

This is the first event since announcing the ticket, and Taylor goes AWOL?!?

She’s either upset that John Kasich called her most important policy achievement a “failure” that is responsible for the current state of the economy in the Ohio, or lazy.? Which is it?

Meanwhile, John Kasich has admitted that his frequent claim […]

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It seems almost inconceivable that Dems would lose Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate in Massachusetts. The only problem is the race is a tossup, GOP grassroots money and boots have been flowing in for days, and desperation is setting in.

President Obama campaigning was the first big desperation move. This is the second and may signal the death knell.

Unreal. I wouldn’t try to call this race, but will not be surprised at all if Coakley loses. This type of 11th hour desperation is usually the sign of a loser. Think Blackwell circa 2006 […]

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If you thought that this week’s coverage over Kasich’s tax plan which overshadowed what should have been nothing more than puff, positive stories about the Kasich-Taylor rollout wouldn’t continue, well, guess again.

Here are some major fault lines that this week’s event demonstrated that will grow like an untreated crack in a car windshield until election day.

Something about Mary.  Yeah, we all know there’s still the unresolved issue of who, if anyone, will the GOP be able to recruit to challenge Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper for State Auditor.  ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine can call Pepper a “dud” […]

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A comment left by James Renner.

If Mason were a Gary Trudeau cartoon, he’d be depicted as a tantrum-prone 5-year-old ginger, pouting in his office, trying to pretend this isn’t really happening. I’ve only been reporting in this town for 6 years, I’m relatively green still. But, I have never been hit with so many leads telling the exact same story: that Mason is planning his resignation and that he’s hand-picking his replacements. These sources are sitting judges and county officials. Add to that the fact that effing nobody is coming out and saying “guys, he’s not resigning” and […]

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Here’s yet another story registered Republican Joe Hallett has based on his own prior reporting about John Kasich that he’s, so far, failed to mention.

In the July 15, 2005 edition of the Columbus Dispatch, Joe Hallet reported that Republicans were trying to draft John Kasich to run for Governor.? Kasich said he wouldn’t challenge Betty Montgomery or Jim Petro… basically, he’d only run to stop Ken Blackwell to get the nomination:

Kasich has told political allies he won’t run against Petro or Montgomery, whom he considers friends. He would, however, take on Blackwell, whose fiscal proposals Kasich […]

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