From the daily archives: Friday, January 15, 2010

Just heard from James Renner, who was at the prosecutor’s office. ?The office is empty, everyone left at 4 pm. ?Bill Mason spokesman Ryan Miday was there. ?James asked him straight up, is Mason resigning or not. ?Point blank. ?Miday refused to comment. ?Just refused. ?Combine that with Roetzel & Andress refusing to deny that Mason is being hired, and you’ve got yourself a shit storm.

Folks, I’m just reporting that the chatter on an impending Bill Mason resignation has reached fever pitch and beyond. ?I have excellent, multiple sources within and outside the Justice Center. ?I’ve never seen […]

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Ralph King is a teabagger from central casting. ?A Republican Party insider wannabe, King has run for various Republican Party positions internally. ?Turns out the insiders realized he was a repulsive racist nutjob, so now, Ralph King runs all things Tea Party in Cleveland.

Ralph King started and manages the Cleveland Tea Party website. ?He’s been at every teabagger event in NEO since February, 2009. ?King appears in this video I shot of teabaggers at a Marcia Fudge health care event, running the show. ?If the Tea Party became an actual political party, Ralph King would be it’s […]

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The Kasich/Taylor rollout trainwreck yesterday may be best remembered for the pathetic response from the teabag blogger wing of Republicanism. ?When not silent, Ohio bloggers went TO THE MAT for this MOST AWESOME ticket. ? Intrepid crazed teabagger Tom Blumer was in the third row!

Courtesy of Matt Hurley of Weapons of Mass Discussion, I find myself about 10 feet from the stage where John Kasich will introduce his running mate Mary Taylor. Forget the ?people know him? stuff about Hurley. It?s more like ?he knows people.?


There are three rows of chairs (yours truly is […]

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