From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have to admit that my interest in this race ended the second State Rep. Todd Book withdrew.  Since then, Democratic ’06 candidate Jim Parker, who had declared he would run as an Independent, declared that he would, after all, run as a Democrat.

Today, Anthony at ODP, notes the CQ story that political novice/ P&G marketing executive Surya Yalamanchili has decided now to also run for the Democratic nomination instead as an Independent:

“I entered this race as an Independent because of my deep frustration with the current state of our political system and […]

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Let’s see, Kasich leaks his running mate to his ex-staffer who blogs it.? Then gives it to the Plain Dealer and the Dispatch.? All sorts of GOP fingerpointing ensues over the utter trainwreck his pick has caused to the Republican ticket and a key Apportionment Board race ensues.? Then, as David at BSB points out, Kasich breathlessly announces that he’s going to Tweet his “surprise” announcement tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. before he informs the rest of the State at a 3 p.m. press conference (why are they having the media wait that long?? Does he not […]

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Look who already secured the rights to the domain:

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I am told by very reliable sources that Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason will resign this Friday, and that a replacement will be named. ?I am also informed that whoops of glee and dancing about is occurring in many places throughout the Cuyahoga County legal community. ?No word on whether or not anyone is banging on glad tambourines, but I would imagine if tambourines were available, they’d be banged gladly.

This starts a process to name a new prosecutor within the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, precisely the same process that named Bill Mason county prosecutor in the first place, when […]

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Got some airport wifi in Sacramento, which is great timing, because I’ve been wanting to weigh in on the GOP’s new AWESOME statewide ticket.

As I understand it, some dude named Seth or something is now being floated across the wingnutosphere for auditor, thirty days before the filing deadline. ?SO damn AWESOME! ?I guess tomorrow we’re gonna have the SUPER jacked up AWESOME announcement that John Kasich is parroting John McCain to give Ohio yet another MOST FUCKING AWESOME Sarah Palin clone. ?WAY AWESOME!!

John Kasich is doing to the Ohio Republican Party with Mary Taylor what John McCain did […]

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Read this article in City Beat.? I can vouch that the reporting on this was solid.? In fact, I was asked to sit on it until it was published because another reporter was given the exclusive.

The issue is next week’s Hamilton County Democratic Women’s Caucus event featuring U.S. Senate candidate’s Jennifer Brunner and Lee Fisher.

According to the article, Brunner accepted immediately; Fisher took weeks to get back to them.? And then the diva that is Lee Fisher came out:

Later still, Fisher?s campaign contacted the caucus to say the lieutenant governor refused to share the stage […]

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So the Tax Foundation’s blogger tried to do some damage control yesterday for the Kasich-Taylor campaign after I pointed out that their election-year study on John Kasich’s signature issue really didn’t help his campaign any.? Please note that the Tax Foundation’s blog post was not written by the actual author of the report, but instead someone who is far less qualified than the original study’s author.? First, read my initial post, and then read the Tax Foundation’s reply.

I know, they raised more strawmen than an Iowa cornfield!

But, just so you can follow this […]

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Jon Keeling, the Pravda of all things Kasich, is really trying to have it both ways with the Taylor pick: it’s unimportant/great news….

First, I have to mock him for this:

Last week 3BP was the first to place their bets on Mary Taylor being Kasich’s LG pick.

You didn’t bet on anything Keeling.? You reported that you were told that it was Taylor, reported it, and now are trying to declare yourself a political psychic.? It would have worked if, when you first wrote about Taylor, you didn’t write that your hearing from multiple people from Taylor.? […]

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