From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well, at least the Plain Dealer is awake (sort of).  Look like Kasich isn’t going to be able to wait until his campaign Internet house party after all.  The PD, citing GOP sources, reports as Anthony at Ohio Daily Blog did, that the announcement will be made Thursday afternoon.  This is the first printed story to mention the Apportionment Board ramifications issue and the lack of any GOP candidate to replace Taylor:

With Taylor out of the race, Republicans now must find someone else to run for auditor against Pepper.

Republicans could ask state Rep. […]

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Remember this morning when I wrote that conservatives would get upset to hear that ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine is now trying to get AG candidate David Yost to run for Auditor instead?  Yeah, it’s already happening.

I’ll just say this.  One of the first responsibilities of a gubernatorial candidate is to wisely pick a Lt. Governor candidate who will not cause you problems with your base or independents.

For all the criticisms of Ken Blackwell as a candidate, he didn’t generate this kind of anger and resentment in his party over his Lt. Gov. pick.  John […]

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WMD Matt Hurley thinks the idea of a Kasich-Taylor ticket is so stupid, it cannot be true:

Mary Taylor will be able to do whatever she wants to do…in 2014, maybe 2012 if she plays her cards right. Mary Taylor committed to running for re-election to the office of Auditor. As far as I am concerned, she loses credibility if she backs out. For the same reason I can’t take Sarah Palin seriously, you NEVER abandon your post. If Taylor jumps ship on an apportionment board seat that she has zero chance of losing in order to “further […]

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Both out-of-state Kasich blogger Jon Keeling and Matt Naugle are trying to make political hay out of a recent Plain Dealer story that Ohio-based American Greetings is thinking of relocating out of Brooklyn, Ohio due to high local taxes.

They’re both writing that it’s somehow the State government’s fault, but that’s not what the story says:

In an internal memo sent to employees on Wednesday, the company said: “we are launching a study to consider whether or not we should move the company’s world headquarters to another location” because the City of Brooklyn last spring voted to raise […]

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Not sure this is far enough away from the long arm of the law, eh Bill?

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I’m assuming that Joe Hallett’s Columbus Dispatch story today confirming what we reported here at Plunderbund that Mary Taylor has agreed to be Kasich’s running is still citing his source and not Hallett’s personal observation.? Regardless, this is rather stunning rationale:

For Taylor, who has teenage sons, the demands of being lieutenant governor would be far less than those of being auditor, and she could spend more time with her family.

Would you ever hear such a rationale for a male running mate?? What about John Kasich’s kids?? He features him on his website.? Are we supposed to […]

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I’ve independently confirmed what Joe Hallett has today – Mary Taylor is leaving the auditor’s race to run as John Kasich’s LG. ?What Hallett doesn’t report is that there is still no Republican candidate identified to run for auditor. ?Also, it does appear that Kevin DeWine is the driving force behind Taylor joining John Kasich’s ticket. ?And there is some bad blood at work here – Taylor and DeWine both despise former GOP chair Bob Bennett, there’s Alex Arshinkoff bad blood with Bob Bennett, and there are some grumblings that DeWine is forcing Taylor into the LG slot almost […]

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Take one day to spend on planes crossing the country away from internet, and look what happens! ? Well, here’s the deal on yesterday’s ODP non-endorsement news. ?Some blog history for you.

By this time in January 2006, the last time ODP faced statewide primaries, an endorsement process was well under way, set in stone, and its eventual endorsements were well known. ?Recall that Chris Redfern had just been elected chairman in December, 2005. ?Within days, a screening committee was being put in place to solidify the ticket for Ted Strickland, Sherrod Brown, and most specifically, Marc Dann over Subodh […]

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