From the daily archives: Monday, January 11, 2010

ODP Communication Director Seth Bringham’s official statement from ODP per the e-mail I got from Todd Hoffman:

“The Party made no announcement today that there will not be an endorsement in the U.S. Senate primary. Pre-primary endorsements are a part of the process of the Ohio Democratic Party under our bylaws. An endorsement could be made at any point before the May primary with a 60% vote of our Executive Committee, and a meeting of the Executive Committee can be called at any time. As of right now, there has been no movement in that endorsement process, but that should […]

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The race for Governor is going to be decided on two selling points:

1.? Can Strickland communicate his record with voters effectively enough to convince them to give him a second term?

2.? Can John Kasich’s broken record for massive “tax repeals” win over voters despite the fiscal costs and growing academic work (including from conservative groups like the Tax Foundation) that it won’t work?

In Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch column by Joe Hallett, Strickland picked up an endorsement, of sorts, that should give John Kasich’s campaign reason to consider knocking that repeating needle off its loop ASAP:


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Tim is traveling for work, so he didn’t have access to a computer.? But he asked that I post for him that he has a reliable source informing him the embattled Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Bill Mason’s resignation is imminent.

Mason, you might recall, was traveling in a car with his campaign treasurer who was arrested for DUI recently.? Whether Mason’s resignation is tied to that or the pending federal corruption probe of Cuyahoga County politics, Tim didn’t tell me.

As they say, developing…. (once Tim can get his own Internet access.)

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It’s only a matter of time before the Ohio Democratic Party declares the Kasich-Taylor campaign a disaster in the making.? And don’t take just my word for it, conservative blogger Scott Pullins, who in 2006 went out of his way to smear both Governor Strickland and his wife in efforts to help Ken Blackwell, writes a post today that virtually echoes my critique of the Kasich campaign.?

Pullins’ post is a tour de force but here are some highlights:

Kasich’s Income Tax Repeal Plan Is Radioactive.? Kasich’s only substantial policy idea is to repeal Ohio’s state income tax […]

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As many of you recall, the second Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher announced that they were running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Republican Senator George Voinovich, the blogsphere began a very public campaign to get the candidates and ODP to not endorse in this race and leave it to the Democratic primary voters to decide.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner very quickly took our pledge, and ODP Chairman Chris Redfern declared that he’d keep ODP as neutral as he could.? All of us, myself included, was skeptical and suspicious […]

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Last week, several conservative bloggers, including Virginia-based/unofficial Kasich campaign blogger Jon Keeling (a.k.a. I.T. 1040sauce) wrote about a recent “study” by the Tax Foundation regarding Ohio’s tax climate.

Billed as a non-partisan organization, the Tax Foundation is nonetheless a conservative ideological one whose studies and methodology has been criticized widely by economists.?

Among its board members is Gingrich-era House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Archer.? It’s President, who authored the “study” on Ohio, is Scott Hodge. According to the Tax Foundation’s website, Hodge was behind the Gingrich and then Bush Administration’s effort to cut the federal capital gains […]

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For the third time in less than a week, Jon Keeling (a.k.a. M.C. Kasichsauce) tries to put lipstick that is the GOP pig of sacrificing a pretty safe Auditor’s seat simply to have Taylor run as a way to boost Kasich’s ticket with the Tea Bag crowd.

Keeling disingenuously says that putting Taylor on the ticket isn’t about shaking up the race or shoring up the base.  That’s utter nonsense.  Otherwise, why  else would Kasich be going to the only non-judicial statewide Republican who won in Ohio in 2006?

I love how Keeling writes as if the issue […]

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Be sure to catch today’s must-read story in the Akron Beacon Journal about how there’s an international effort to develop wind power in Ohio as a direct result of policies enacted by Governor Strickland:

The state is aggressively pursuing wind as a new source of energy, jobs and economic development.

Six sprawling, large-scale wind farms with up to 436 towering turbines ? and a price tag in excess of $2 billion ? are proposed across western Ohio.

Although Ohio had lagged behind neighboring states in wind power, the passage of Strickland’s energy policy in 2008 has lead […]

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