From the daily archives: Friday, January 8, 2010

According to the Columbus Dispatch, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown announced today that $125 million in federal tax credits are going to Ohio companies to the creation of clean energy manufacturing jobs.

Earlier this week, the Department of Labor said that Ohio would receive directly or share in more than $23 million worth of worker retraining grants.

Today, it is tax credits going to solar energy companies such as First Solar in Perrysburg and Xunlight Corp. in Toledo, as well as a branch of the DuPont Co. in Circleville, which also is involved in making solar panels. […]

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Can I call you Joe?

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This is astonishing.

Former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt said Palin’s debate preparations were going so poorly that campaign aides feared the closely-watched debate could prove to be a “debacle of historic and epic proportions.”

What was most troubling, according to Schmidt, was the fact Palin repeatedly confounded Biden’s name during the preparation process, referring to the then-Delaware senator as Sen. O’Biden. Aides were so worried that such a mishap in the actual debate would prove catastrophic that they advised her to simply refer to her opponent as “Joe.”

“It was multiple people ? and I wasn’t one of […]

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In 2000, when he dropped out of the Presidential race, GOP Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich called W. Bush his “soul brother.”

In a June 26, 2009 CNN story on the Bush years (featured on Kasich’s campaign website), Kasich said:

“The Republican Party is my vehicle, not my master,” he said. “I mean I am here to try to bring prosperity back to this state, to make sure families are better off. I’m not here to carry anyone’s banner.”

“They [The Bush Administration] stopped solving problems,” said Kasich, who after his House tenure worked on […]

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Given that he very likely won’t even make it on the ballot, let alone be a real factor in the gubernatorial election, I should probably just ignore Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Spisak.  I mean, here’s a guy who hasn’t gotten even 5% of the vote in his most recent election.

But he’s blogging gold.  I can’t help myself.

And today’s post by Dennis at ProgressOhio is a prime example.  In today’s factless screed, Dennis claims with no support, that Governor Ted Strickland is preventing “blue-green collar” jobs from coming into Ohio. 

To “prove” his point he […]

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