From the daily archives: Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another story in the Plain Dealer announcing yet another unilateral decision, without oversight, regarding the mega-development downtown, MedMart. ?This time, the decision, ?yet again announced through the Plain Dealer, is to move the site, yet again, to another spot downtown.

When I saw the story, I called the reporter, Laura Johnston, to comment as a candidate for the county council district that will include downtown, District 7. ?Laura seemed highly disinterested in taking comment from a candidate who will, if elected, represent the exact spot on which the MedMart will sit. ?I don’t understand why Laura doesn’t seek comment […]

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More Bill Mason related fun

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How interesting!!

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My money moves from Wachovia to the 1st Commonwealth Bank of Virginia this weekend. How about you?

The big banks are already spending our tax dollars. They don’t need my money as well.

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Jon Keeling is going to go down as the Sun Tzu of Ohio Republican political strategist with today’s post.

First, let’s clarify a few things, this post is a trial balloon by the Kasich campaign.? Jon Keeling has demonstrated that he doesn’t write a single thing without the Kasich campaign’s involvement.?? He even mentions in the post that this is what he’s hearing, so this isn’t just his personal opinion.

Second, nobody cares about who Kasich’s running mate will be.? God bless lil’ AK Bulletsauce, but the image he tries to create of Republicans circling the block waiting […]

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Anastasia reports on her fundraising email from Dennis Kucinich, and missed the big news, emphasis mine.

?The Congressional Democratic Primary Election is May 4th, less than four months away,? they reminded their mailing list. ?You all remember the extraordinary effort which was made last time to try to unseat Congressman Kucinich. He was successful only because of the help of people such as you, who understand the value of having a fearless spokesperson for truth, economic equality, jobs for all, health care for all and peace in the United States Congress…..”

If Dennis Kucinich is still reminding his supporters […]

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