I haven’t written here for a couple of weeks…I’ve been busy buying my first home! It’s a great 105-year old bungalow in Arlington, VA.

I’m blogging about our efforts to buy appliances, products, fixtures, etc. for the house that are manufactured in the U.S. over at ManufactureThis. I’ll be cross-posting here as well. Please add your recommendations for relevant products made in the U.S. in comments on either site.

Our American-made home

My husband and I just bought our first home! It?s new to us, but was built in 1904. Despite being in great shape for being more than 100 years old, there are a lot of improvements we need to make.

So, why am I blogging here?

Well, we are going to do our best to practice what we preach and buy American-made products for our new home. We need all kinds of things: appliances, insulation, fixtures, etc. How many of these items are still made in the U.S.? We?re about to find out.

We made our first trip to Home Depot this weekend. We needed new door locks. Made in America? Not at Home Depot. We had three options: two made in Mexico and one in Taiwan. We went with Mexico ? we figured buying something from North America was the best we could do. If anyone knows of door locks made here, please note it in comments.

We also needed a couple of tools. We were able to find American-made pliers after picking up and replacing lots of tools made in Taiwan and Mexico. The measuring tape we bought was partially made in the U.S.

And the new air filter has components made here, but it was assembled in Mexico.

If any ManufactureThis readers have some good resources for finding products that are made in the U.S., please note them in comments. We have lots of work to do (and products to buy) over the coming months! Thanks!

P.S. Some things that are still made in the U.S.: cardboard boxes and packing tape.

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