From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Governor Strickland and U.S. Labor Secretary Solis announced this week that Ohio was getting nearly $23 million out of $100 million in federal U.S. Labor Department stimulus money grants to provide working retraining into green collar jobs

?I am grateful to the Obama Administration, Labor Secretary Solis and our state partners for their commitment to retraining Ohioans for jobs in our growing energy sector with these ARRA resources,? Strickland said. ?This assistance will help Ohioans who may be struggling in the current economy to find jobs and long-term careers in our state?s growing green energy fields.?

Our outstanding award […]

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Well, at least the Columbus Dispatch on Monday at least mentioned it was a Republican proposal, even if they did consciously fail to mention that it’s the centerpiece of John Kasich’s campaign.

Here’s what the Dispatch had to say about what has been the centerpiece of John Kasich’s campaign:

The latest, from Republican Rep. John Adams of Sidney, would drop a nuclear bomb on the budget by eliminating the state income tax over 10 years. That’s the same income tax that couldn’t be reduced even a little bit in the current biennium; lawmakers had to postpone a previously […]

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Buying American

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I haven’t written here for a couple of weeks…I’ve been busy buying my first home! It’s a great 105-year old bungalow in Arlington, VA.

I’m blogging about our efforts to buy appliances, products, fixtures, etc. for the house that are manufactured in the U.S. over at ManufactureThis. I’ll be cross-posting here as well. Please add your recommendations for relevant products made in the U.S. in comments on either site.

Our American-made home

My husband and I just bought our first home! It?s new to us, but was built in 1904. Despite being in great shape for being more […]

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