From the daily archives: Saturday, January 2, 2010

Orrin Hatch and Ken Blackwell recently wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal about the health care reform bill that just passed the Senate. In it they argue that the bill is unconstitutional.

It’s sad, really, that a sitting US Senator has become so desperate that he feels like he needs to join forces with Ken Blackwell to write an article based on a theory that was long ago debunked.

Ian at ThinkProgress smashed this right-wing nonsense months ago when Michelle Bachmann made a similar claim about the public option:

If Congress does not have the power […]

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Wasn’t Kevin Coughlin going to run for Governor this year?

What ever happened to that?

I hope it wasn’t the sex scandal ‘rumors’.

If that’s the only reason you’re staying out of the race, Kevin, let me tell you: the sex scandal rumors flying around about John Kasich right now are ten times worse (from a Republican perspective) than the ones about you.

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Back in November when Bill Todd announced he was going to run for State Rep in the 20th District, Matt Naugle had an interesting take on the primary battle Todd was going to face against Matt Carle, Mike DeWine’s former campaign mananger:

“In this race, Carle is very much the Scozzafava-candidate, as he is pro-abortion and anti-gun. And in this environment, party bosses are no match for the conservative grassroots.”

It’s funny that Matt frames the race in terms of the NY-23 race in which Scozzafava was pushed out by her ultra-conservative opponents only to find this traditionally safe […]

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Allright. ?I guess I have to be part of the Green Party pile on. ?I have a lot of friends in European Green Parties, they’re great people, and they actually manage to get into office, thanks largely to parliamentary style party list systems. ?And once in office, they play ball, because that’s what politics is about. ?Try that one on for size.

And by the way, Greens in Europe still have to reach some threshold of support to get a seat in a proportional legislature, usually in the range of 5%. ?That often will get a Green a seat in […]

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Drawing political boundaries in secret, getting them approved by voters on the ballot, well, that’s nifty. ?Might get your districts thrown into litigation. ?Looks like whoever was in the room at the time thought about this, and may have thrown a measure into the new Cuyahoga County charter as a shield to defeat any such litigation – immediate redistricting as soon as the new council takes their seats.

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