From the daily archives: Friday, January 1, 2010

Once more into the breach. ?This time, with videos. ?Lots of them. ?I’d leave a comment, rec it, tip it, but my DailyKos days appear to be over for good. ?I’m glad people like BWD remain, doing their best to remind us how far we’ve come. ?Long way yet to go, but we are on our way, in a new decade filled with promise instead of trepidation, hope instead of fear.

And here’s one more video, just for you, BWD.

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Just before the end of the year, the 10th District Court of Appeals granted the Strickland Administration a major legal victory in its quest to use tobacco settlement funds to improve access to affordable health care in Ohio.  The tobacco settlement trust funds, which were appropriated by the General Assembly to fund Strickland’s health care initiative, were stayed by a Franklin County Court of Common Pleas judge as unconstitutional.  The 10th District Court of Appeals reversed finding that the legislature’s appropriation of those funds was constitutional.

The Tenth District still kept a stay in place preventing the State […]

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One of my favorite Monty Python skits ever takes on a new meaning when Al Qaeda is resorting to deployment of whiny rich kids who can’t even blow up their own testicles properly.

What I find most amusing about Al Qaeda’s finest is how familiar their journeys look. ?These were the guys in college who showed up on campus freshman year in the Jaguar mommy bought them for high school graduation, had their grandmas flown in on the Cessna for Parents Weekend, (because Granny flying commercial just isn’t done), refused to eat the cafeteria food, wouldn’t go to the […]

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