Anthony gets a mailer, and immediately declares it the worst political campaign piece of the coming cycle.

The campaign mailer for “Independent” (Get it?) County Executive Candidate Ken Lanci must have already cost a pretty penny to mail countywide. It’s almost completely blank – minus a fireworks photo and the simple headlines. It doesn’t tell us a thing about what it is or why we should read it. It certainly doesn’t suggest I take action or prepare for something. In fact, the only action I took was to heave it in the recycle bin before realizing this might be a political piece. (My first instinct was “mattress sale.”)

What this piece tells us right out of the gate, is that the independent candidate for Executive, Ken Lanci, isn’t afraid to flush thousands of dollars down the drain on a worthless postcard, mailed during the holidays, hyping a date that apparently is for his formal entry into the race (I guess, since the date has no significance other than being the birthdate of American Idol contestant William Hung and the 42nd anniversary of Johnny Cash playing Folsom Prison).

And thus begins the self funded?campaign of Ken Lanci for Cuyahoga County executive. ?Lanci’s website does have lots of words that do sound like a mattress sale. ?But one name leaps off the website, from the bio page.

Ken Lanci has also been actively involved in Project Love for the past thirteen years. In 2009, he accepted an invitation to act as Co-Chairman of the organization?s Remember the Children Foundation. He currently serves with Co-Chairman Arnold Pinkney.

In fact, Pinkney’s is the only political name listed anywhere on the site. ?Now why would that be? ?Arnold Pinkney is Cleveland’s designated hired gun for anyone wanting to “get” the “black community”, for whatever corporate backed initiative that happens to be on the ballot. ?Most recently, Pinkney was Dan Gilbert’s window dressing for the Issue 3 casino measure. ?Like all such self-funded candidates who think they’re gonna fool voters, this “independent” schtick is Lanci’s entire reason for being.

I won?t be aligned with any political party—this is no time for partisan politics.

The nice thing about such matters is that there’s always the FEC website to see just how “aligned with any political party” Ken Lanci actually is. ?And shock, horror, in 2008?Lanci gave a whopping $5,000 to the McCain Palin Ohio Victory Fund, and another $5,000 to the Ohio GOP in the final weeks of the campaign. ?Other interesting donations – Lanci gave $2,300 to Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman’s primary challenge to Democrat Dennis Kucinich. ?This year, Lanci gave $1,000 to Lee Fisher’s Senate primary campaign, proving yet again that Republicans REALLY want Lee Fisher to win this primary. ?Then it’s off to the Ohio Secretary of State database! ?Where we learn that Lanci gave $1,000 to Ken Blackwell in 2005.

To be fair, there’s a smattering of donations to Democrats, which all appear to either be attempts to feather his own nest, like the donation to no-hope gubernatorial candidate in 2002 Tim Hagan, or attempts to ratfuck Democrats; ?like donating to primary Dennis, or put up weak candidates to face a Republican in the fall, like Lee Fisher.

The dates on Lanci’s McCain-Palin contributions, 10/22/2008, and 11/03/2008, are telling. ?If you’re willing to flush $10,000 down the McCain Palin toilet in the last weeks before the election, after all of this, that makes you a borderline teabagger.

So when I win my primary for county council District 7, and Ken Lanci calls for my endorsement, he’ll be shown the door. ?And I don’t want his money for my campaign. ?I don’t take money from total frauds claiming to be “independent” when it is pathetically easy to prove otherwise. ?Lanci will certainly blow a lot of his money, and will probably take votes from a Republican, which is a wonderful use of his treasure in my book. ?For once, he’ll be ratfucking his own kind.

UPDATE: ?Anthony has more, noting that Matt Dolan, the GOP’s great out-of-county hope for this seat, gave exactly $10,000 less to McCain Palin in the same period as Lanci did.