We all know our existing system, dominated by two big parties, can leave a lot of people stuck in the middle and underrepresented. Ohio’s upcoming gubernatorial race is no exception.

I feel very sorry for all of the gay couples looking to send their adopted children to charter schools that teach intelligent design. How hard it must be for them to choose between one of the two major party gubernatorial candidates.

Or the librarians and teachers and parents of special-needs children who think government spending is out of control.

Or the libertarians who think the government should dictate who they can fuck, what they can do with their own bodies and what they can view on television.

If you don’t fall totally into one camp or the other it becomes SO hard to decide between the Democrat and the Republican.

And so we really need third-party candidates to come in and help us refocus our attention on what REALLY matters.

In the 2010 Ohio Governor’s race, Dennis Spisak IS that candidate.

I’d really like to thank Mr. Spisak, the Green Party Candidate for Governor, for his courage, strength and conviction.

We’d all be totally fucked without you, Dennis.

Thank you SO MUCH.