Seriously, that has to be it.? Think about it.? He’s from Strickland’s old Congressional district, and he’s being doing nothing but issuing blog posts that promises to do things that Strickland has already done.

I cannot imagine a more effective vehicle for the Strickland campaign to educate progressives and all Strickland has done in his first term than this guy.

Today, it’s on education:

The Ohio Green Party supports equitable funding of all Ohio school districts, and we support the following three goals of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding:

Goal 1: Develop a comprehensive needs assessment of current facilities.

Goal 2: Develop standards that clearly define high quality education for Ohioans; establish a “per-pupil funding level” required to meet these standards; create a new system of funding which will assure each district adequate funds to meet these “per-pupil” standards and which will diverge from “excessive reliance on property tax as a funding source.”

Goal 3: Provide immediate relief to districts operating without the funds necessary to meet the new standards, based on need as opposed to the budget-based emergency assistance of the “School Solvency Assistance Program” or further reliance on property taxes.

Current Governor Ted Strickland and the Democrats and Republicans have put education funding reform on the backburner.

That would be the same Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy for School Funding that endorsed Governor Strickland’s education reform plan this year?

?I am deeply grateful for the support of the Coalition. Bill Phillis and the Coalition?s members have been long-time leaders in advocating for a high-quality system of education that is effectively funded to meet the unique needs of every Ohio child,? Strickland said. ?The Coalition
has been a partner to both my administration and the House of Representatives as we crafted an education plan to ensure that every Ohio child will have the educational opportunities that will prepare them for success in the modern economy.?

The resolution commends the Governor for his total commitment to giving public K-12 education the highest priority and for proposing an entirely new school funding system that is premised on student needs.

?Ohio is on the threshold of a new era of high-quality educational opportunities for all students,?said William L. Phillis, executive director of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding. ?The Governor?s education plan puts Ohio on track for constitutional compliance.?

Yeah, they apparently don’t think the Governor and the Democrats in the General Assembly have put school funding reform on the backburner.?? Haven’t felt that way pretty much at all.

What’s amazing is that Spisak is a school board member, so you’d think he’d know that the organization endorsed Strickland’s education plan months ago.? In fact, you’d think for such a fan of the Coalition, he’d already know the praise its long-time Executive Director had for Governor Strickland’s “personal engagement” in reforming education in Ohio.

In fact, the support between Strickland and the Coalition is mutual and has been for years. (See pages 4 & 5).? Ted Strickland has been an active partner with the Coalition during its over decade-long campaign to legally challenge Ohio’s old unconstitutional school funding system.? He’s provided financial support to support their litigation, he’s filed his own briefs in support of their cases.?

And it’s not just the Coalition. The OEA and every other pro-public education public interest group has applauded Governor Strickland’s education reform and called him the first true education Governor the State has seen in decades.? You know who else supported Governor Strickland’s education plan, yeah, the Ohio School Boards Association.? You’d think Spisak, a school board member, would have known that.

Let’s recall that one of the media’s earliest criticisms of Governor Strickland’s budget this year was that he thought the General Assembly could address such a weighty subject such as school funding reform during a major recession.? They all? wrote it off as dead-on-arrival.? Instead, Strickland prevailed and got most of the substantive reforms he laid out in his State of the State address enacted into law in less than six months since announcing them.

Seriously, I don’t think John Kasich (let’s stop federal assistance for day care and abolish the U.S. Department of Education and privatize all the schools) or Spisak have anything on Strickland when it comes to education.