From the daily archives: Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We all know our existing system, dominated by two big parties, can leave a lot of people stuck in the middle and underrepresented. Ohio’s upcoming gubernatorial race is no exception.

I feel very sorry for all of the gay couples looking to send their adopted children to charter schools that teach intelligent design. How hard it must be for them to choose between one of the two major party gubernatorial candidates.

Or the librarians and teachers and parents of special-needs children who think government spending is out of control.

Or the libertarians who think the government should dictate who they […]

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I try to ignore the “policy” musings of Republican bloggers because they are universally idiotic, ideologically foul, and intellectually bankrupt. ?But in Former John Kasich Staffer Jon Keeling’s case today, I’ll make an exception, because Mr. Every Penny I’ve Ever Collected In My Lifetime Is Taxpayer Money gives me an opportunity to discuss how I plan to govern as a county councillor in Cuyahoga County District 7.

Uttering words that have never occurred to Keeling regarding the taxpayer money that has funded his entire existence, Keeling roots for Ohio to lose federal stimulus money for the high speed […]

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I just got a call from Cuyahoga County Judge Peter J. Corrigan, and he says that the Peter J. Corrigan who has pulled petitions to run as a Republican against Dennis Kucinich is some other Peter J. Corrigan, not him. ?Corrigan also said he’s running for re-election to his bench, he’s a Democrat, and would never even contemplate running against Dennis.

This is how desperate the Republican Party has become in Cuyahoga County. ?Despite all the troubles, some dude who magically has a great Irish last name and even more magically has the same first and middle name of […]

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Dear GOP Narrative Operatives,

Here’s a clue. Your latest attempts to build on the failed narrative from the last campaign that Obama is soft on terrorism is fraught with danger. I know it is tempting and nearly a tourette’s like tic with you guys, but you must know that you are entering a world of pain with this one. A world of pain.

Let’s imagine for a minute that you even have ground to stand on. We’ll act as if your current criticism for delays in White House comment on the Detroit crotch bomber aren’t met by a […]

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Seriously, that has to be it.? Think about it.? He’s from Strickland’s old Congressional district, and he’s being doing nothing but issuing blog posts that promises to do things that Strickland has already done.

I cannot imagine a more effective vehicle for the Strickland campaign to educate progressives and all Strickland has done in his first term than this guy.

Today, it’s on education:

The Ohio Green Party supports equitable funding of all Ohio school districts, and we support the following three goals of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding:

Goal 1: Develop a […]

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Had a meeting yesterday (wonder what THAT could be about?!?!) in Slavic Village, at the Americana Cafe. ?It’s in the old Arabaica space, right across the street from where I was baptized at St. Stanislaus Church. ?In the heart of Slavic Village. ?Great little place, nice and cozy, the owner Mary Jane is the one behind the counter, and that makes it pretty awesome.

Like all businesses in Slavic Village, times are tough, so I told Mary Jane I’d blog about the Americana. ?Here’s the Facebook Page, please become a fan, and if you’re in Cleveland, in Slavic Village, […]

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