Ohio’s Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Dennis Spisak claims to have a blog.

In reality it’s just a diary over at Progress Ohio.

This PO diary certainly could be considered a blog if the posts were actually written by Spisak himself. But the “posts” are nothing more than a series of poorly-edited press releases from Spisak’s campaign.

For example….

In Today’s Youngstown Vindicator interview story, when asked why he should be re-elected, Ted Strickland say basically if you elect his opponent(Kasich) you will have to deal with 40% less revenue coming into the state coffers.

So is Ted Strickland really the lesser of 2 evils? Green Party Candidate for Governor Dennis Spisak said today neither Strickland or Kasich are good for Ohio after 2010.

Not only can the author of the post not choose the proper form of the verb say/said, but she also forgot that she was writing as the candidate. Pretty huge FAIL if you ask me.

Note to Spisak Campaign Press Release/Blog Post Writer: If you want to write a blog post and pretend it was written by the candidate him/herself then DO NOT include a quote attributed to yourself (aka the candidate) in the third person unless you are writing for a candidate with the experience and stature of Bob Dole.

And from what I’ve seen so far, Dennis Spisak is no Bob Dole (except for the no-chance-in-hell-of-winning thing).