From the daily archives: Saturday, December 26, 2009

In a post written by a guy who voted with his feet back when his party controlled the entire State, this is rich with irony:

When people decide to move, they use a predetermined set of variables to decide that they want to live somewhere else. These variables can be anything from wanting to live somewhere warmer to wanting to go somewhere where it’s easier to get a job.

Keeling (a.k.a. N.O. Factsstraight)?goes on and notes that a preliminary survey by the Census indicates that Ohio may be the only State to lose two congressional seats under the […]

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Question for Markos

On December 26, 2009 By

If you get banned from DailyKos for calling out painfully obvious self-promotional Glenn Beck biz model media whoring by Cenk Uygur and Jane Hamsher weeks?before everyone else notices, can you get un-banned? ?Just askin.

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