From the daily archives: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

At their best, Rasmussen’s political polls tend to be pretty unreliable; at their worst they are completely biased. But I do find their non-political polling kind of interesting. Primarily for the subject matter.

Today they released these survey results:

81% Think Decorating Their Christmas Tree Is Fun

Hardly an amazing revelation considering the survey included only those people who actually celebrate Christmas.

But it did leave me wondering who the other 19% were.

According to the detailed report they are “unmarried adults and those who don?t have children in the home.”

Which leaves me wondering: if you are an […]

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In an effort to make Rahm Emanuel laugh so hard he’s probably pissing himself.

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Say what you will about Jennifer Brunner’s holiday fundraising email pointing her donors to give money to charity, it got another “me too” out of Lee Fisher. ?Except as usual, Lee steps in it from the get go.

Instead of simply parroting Brunner’s suggestion to donate to charity, which itself would have been pathetic, Lee uses his campaign to raise money for the charity he used to run, and will likely return to when he loses this election. ?Recall that Lee once got a salary of $300,000+ from Center for Families and Children. ?He’s now using his own US […]

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John Kasich is literally having one of those “fer it ‘fore I wuz ag’nst it” moments.

Back in July, Kasich said it was entirely proper to delay cutting taxes during unstable economic times:

The first thing that needs to be done, Kasich said, is lower the barriers to entry, beginning with stabilizing the budget, ?which is in freefall,? he said, and reduce the tax burden once the economy regains stability . . . ” (emphasis added.)

Oh, and that’s? not the only media report indicating Kasich made such statements, either:

But with the state facing a […]

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You know, I generally try to avoid posting on press releases, but this is too good to pass up.

Fresh after being on the losing side of the budget battle and with growing criticism in the media over Kasich’s lack of any detail on how he’d pay for his income tax repeal, Kasich’s campaign tries to attack Governor Strickland for not foreseeing the global economic collapse.?

It backfires so badly, I’m actually amused out of how much Chris Redfern is enjoying finally making Kasich’s position with Lehman Bros. politically relevant.

The [Kasich] spokesman said: “Many other states were prepared […]

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