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80’s Music That Doesn’t Suck

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I feel obligated to throw my two cents in on the 80’s music discussion.

I spent the past few hours walking around thinking about music from the 80’s that doesn’t suck. I narrowed it down to a small list of musicians and bands that really deserve a mention.

In no specific order: The Pixies, Elvis Costello, They Might Be Giants, The Replacements, Violent Femmes and Camper Van Bethoven.

(I could also add to that list a number of Cleveland-area bands like The Mice, The Revelers and Boogieman Smash.)

My wife would surely insist I add REM (agree) […]

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Like the Kos diarist who called this to my attention, I didn’t know much about Jane Hamsher until she started getting paid to advocate for the public option. ?I never even read her blog, Firedoglake. ?I had barely come across her in 2008 as yet another whiny blogger complaining that the Obama campaign wasn’t advertising on her website. ?Called her out on it during the general. ?Called her out on her thinly veiled blackmail threat last summer. ?Told her to blow me once. ?Good times.

So it’s no surprise to me that Hamsher is now advocating […]

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For weeks Gene Pierce, Carlo Loparo and the rest of the anti-Strickland, 40-watt club members over at have been promising to deliver at least 350K signatures to get their anti-slots-at-racetracks plan on the ballot.

Their stated goal of 350K is already far fewer signatures than they will actually need once the signatures are validated (normally around 50% actually pass the validation process). And it turns out they could even hit that.

Even with the help of Craig’s List and Arno Political consultants, they only delivered 325K signatures.

Sorry, boys. It’s not looking so good for your […]

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And with this, I am now quite certain the health care bill will pass.

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Now for some real 80s music

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Long live DJBG, and may she, in all her majesty and benevolence,?approve of this video, which in equal measure was popular at the time, symbolic of the era, and to this day, a visual feast.

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Despite the scrooge of the 80s music intelligentsia legitimacy police, I give to you for the holiday season 99 Luftballons! (plus a bonus track in the extended!)

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Just posted this diary at Kos.

I’m liking the fact that Markos is getting some exposure on Meet the Press today, because I like that political pressure is coming from the left in a way it never did before Markos began this site. ?However….

There’s a reason why Joe Scarborough had that smile on his face, laughing all the way to the Republican bank as he was surrounded by […]

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Quality rant from DJBG

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Over the top 10 requests she simply will not air, and why.


CLick through for the greatness.

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