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Recently, it became almost impossible to say anything positive about this president. Not even if you back it up with facts and real news. So instead of just letting all that toxic to really burn me, i decided to create this little corner, where people can just share their support for the president, without being mocked and put down. It’s not a Forbidden-Obama-Criticism-Zone by any mean, and there won’t be any rules. Only one thing will be unacceptable: Disrespect towards the president or other posters. This is the president of […]

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Seriously, I was a Hillary Clinton supporter in the primaries, and I’m starting to feel bad for how disloyal Obama’s “base” has gotten over HCR.? The “Kill the Bill” camp is coming off as nothing more than a spoiled toddler who’s parent isn’t buying the newest toy to come into their field of vision.

Put aside whatever criticisms you may have for the health care bill emerging, but to say it doesn’t help people get access to quality, affordable health care they are currently denied under the system is wrong.? Patently wrong.? Absurdly wrong.

But the only thing more boneheaded […]

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Deep thought

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I don’t recall a single progressive suggesting that the late Senator Ted Kennedy was a corporate sell out for working with Republicans to get SCHIP passed instead of single-payer coverage.  Nor did they criticize him when it didn’t include a public option.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks this progressive gnashing of teeth is odd.

Politics is weird.

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