From the daily archives: Friday, December 18, 2009

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale, using audience participation, at the event “Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus”, from the 2009 World Science Festival, June 12, 2009.

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Carlo LoParo’s organization plans to turn in 350K signatures on Sunday as part of their evil plan to get revenge against Governor Strickland for beating Ken Blackwell 3 years ago.

At first glance, you’d think they were well on their way to being successfull since they only need 241,365 signatures to get the issue on the ballot.

However the very shady group they are using to gather the signatures – Arno Political Consultants – average ?just under 51%? accuracy in their signature gathering efforts. Which will probably bring them in at about 178K, well under the number of […]

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Live by the sword, you die by it I guess. The next time you hear a conservative blowhard talk about supporting the troops, remind them that at midnight last night the GOP delayed a vote on “funding the troops” in order to delay health care reform. Only 3 (count ’em 3) Republicans voted with Democrats to end debate and vote on the measure. 33 actually voted against the troops. You’ll note the silence on this among the wingnut blogosphere.

What was in it?

– More than $100 billion operations and maintenance, and military personnel requirements for ongoing military operations […]

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I’m not really sure there’s any other way to interpret this bit of lunacy from Walker: Texas Ranger…

Lastly, as we near the eve of another Christmas, I wonder: What would have happened if Mother Mary had been covered by Obamacare? What if that young, poor and uninsured teenage woman had been provided the federal funds (via Obamacare) and facilities (via Planned Parenthood, etc.) to avoid the ridicule, ostracizing, persecution and possible stoning because of her out-of-wedlock pregnancy? Imagine all the great souls who could have been erased from history and the influence of mankind if their parents had […]

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Adventures in Title Juxtapostion

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Today’s adventure in title juxtaposition is brought to us by Jennifer Yachnin and Roll Call:

Congressional Ethics Office Closes Inquiry Into Murtha, Dicks And Moran

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Maybe this ODP press release will finally get someone on the sleeping media to ask John Kasich this simple question:  Ok, so what would YOU have done as Governor?

Meanwhile, this is the first thing that Governor Strickland has done that GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine has not issued a press release condemning.  It’s kind of hard for him to do so given that, as Redfern points out, the budget bill was a product of an agreement with the leadership of the GOP-controlled Senate.

Oh, and that, it’s not a tax hike when it’s the same tax levels as […]

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I am getting word from Modern that he will be posting an exclusive expos? on Monday of John Kasich. He’ll be exposing John’s “dirty little secret”. He’s finishing up some research and talking to a few people about it in order to put a nice tight bow on it. He promises a piece by Monday.

From what I’m hearing this is going to be huge and will expose the true nature of John Kasich that does not square with the public image his campaign wants voters in Ohio to believe. I don’t have any details yet, but we’re all free […]

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Kyle Sisk was 100% correct in calling the GOP Senate’s willingness to strike a deal with Governor Strickland as a body blow to John Kasich‘s campaign.

Keeling is still fixated on the “negative” coverage Strickland got before he proposed the tax freeze.  However, Keeling ignores the substance of that criticism.  As I pointed out at the time, the basis of the media’s criticism was Strickland’s willingness to support more tax cuts and cuts in spending rather than actually raising taxes.  Again, this is not a line of attack that most general election voters are going to agree with.  […]

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Nina Turner for county exec?

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Online only piece at the Indy.

However, Nina Turner isn?t much of a fundraiser. Turner?s latest campaign finance reports show her raising less than $25,000 in 2009. If Turner is going to run for county executive in the fall of 2010, she?s going to have to raise a mountain of cash, fast. There?s no group of people capable of […]

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What’s the best way to make Lee Fisher’s morning? ?Show him how many people donated to Jennifer Brunner online in the last 12 hours.

Sad to think that I’m just as juiced by sticking it to the DSCC as to any rw group, but that is where we stand. I sent in some benjamins.


I’m in, Tim…for $300.00. I’ll do it tomorrow morning, though I’m donating to her directly rather than through ActBlue. I am from Ohio originally and my entire family still lives there, and I’ll […]

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James Renner hits him once

And, for God?s sake, please tell us it was coincidence that Mason hired Lisa Stickan, daughter of U.S. Attorney Christian Stickan, during Pat O?Malley?s trial.

Hits him twice

No, this man does not play fair. ?To understand his true character, you need only to question it.

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