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I’m going to go ahead and nominate this for post title of the year in a late entry: “Jennifer Brunner : The Velvet Inferno Begins Burning the Script”

Anthony nails it.

The line from the people who really know her goes like this : “God help these f___ers if they don’t take her seriously. She’s a wonderful person. Don’t get me wrong. She’s caring and compassionate and I’d walk through fire for her. But God help these guys if they cross her. She’s got ice water running through those veins and she’ll take you down a brick at […]

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This interview with the National Journal is not the kind of interview you give if you plan to leave a US Senate primary. ?It’s the kind you give when you’re about to put the brass knuckles on. ?How about a blow by blow?

The DSCC has all but written her off, however, and the establishment has turned to Fisher. In fact, Brunner said when she spoke with DSCC Chair Bob Menendez in Sept., he first told her that he […]

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In a live-chat post titled “Live Blogging the Rush to Pass a Tax Increase Before Christmas,”  Matt Naugle proves that he doesn’t buy Kasich’s Virginia-based astroturfing blogger John Keeling, a.ka. MC Pizzasauce’s spin that today’s budget deal is glorious news for John Kasich and the GOP.

Matt Naugle, who was so pissed at the Senate GOP’s leadership for reaching this deal, he decided he needed to physically be present in the Senate so they’d vote this deal through in front of him (as opposed to just merely watching it online) mixes no words:


should […]

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Larry Durstin of the Independent got himself a nice scoop.

As a ?black-conservative? columnist for the Sun papers, Caesar was known for his anti-affirmative action stances and Phillip Morris-like characterizations of lazy young blacks….When reached by phone, Caesar does not deny authorship. ?I?m not dealing with this bullshit,? he yelled. ?That Nina Turner shit is over.?

Oh, Powell, that shit ain’t no ways over, not by a long shot. ?The Call & Post just lost two major advertisers over the Aunt Jemima cartoon. ?I suspect more will follow.

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Rob Portman just sent me a fundraising email titled “Stop the Bailouts! End TARP!”

Here’s the main part:

“Seems like every other day, Democrats in Washington have found a new group to bail out using our tax dollars. In fact, the only people who haven?t been bailed out by Washington’s massive spending are the working families and small business owners who are among those suffering most under this historic economic crisis.”

It sounds like Rob Portman’s knowledge of what’s going on in Washington is no better than that of Duct Tape Dude.

You know there is a problem […]

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So Jim Traficant held a press conference today. ?Yippee. ?And he’s circulating petitions to decide, based on the “response”, what Congressional district to run in, either Tim Ryan’s 17th, or Charlie Wilson’s 6th, and on which party ticket.

Newsflash to the brainless media. ?It takes 50 signatures to run in a primary for Congress, you might wanna report that in your stories. ?That means it takes Jim Traficant about one day to gauge whatever “response” he’s gonna get. ?Running for US Senate requires 1,000 signatures from across the state, which Jim Traficant cannot get in his dreams. ?Which means […]

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Just a fantastic 6 minutes and 5 seconds of Rachel Maddow (not Maddox) goodness. You will, if you are like me, enjoy every second of it.? If you are not like me and you are a trolling wingnut, then you will cringe in horror.? Yes, I’m talking to you you #tcot bandit you!

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The United States has survived foreign invasions from the greatest empires of the day, civil war, global economic depressions, 9/11, Dick Cheney after 9/11, countless natural disasters, etc., and yet the only thing that has happened in our history that has rendered our democratic government to cease to function for nearly a month is the appointment of John Kasich to the Chairman of the House Budget Committee.? Kasich beats a global depression, a civil war, and invasions as the closest thing to causing our federal government to collapse.? Think about that.

Now, he wants to run the State of Ohio […]

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Apparently, former Kasich staffer, current Kasich campaign astroturf VA-resident blogger DJ Tablesauce didn’t get the memo from Kyle Sisk.

After the Senate GOP essentially gave Strickland everything he wanted in a brilliant display of their completely and utter lack of ability of GOP to govern, Kasich’s blogger proclaims this is great news… for John McCain John Kasich:

Republicans gave in a bit and scaled back their request for construction law reform, despite Strickland voicing support for it months ago.

Finally, Republicans made a whole lot of teachers happy when they got the Democrats to agree to delay their […]

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“I pledge not to fuck you.”

On December 17, 2009 By

Funny, funny stuff.

(And, I can’t believe I used “fuck” in a headline. I’ve been spending too much time with these Plunderbund guys!)

F the Vote w/ Zach Gilford & Eva Amurri from Zach Gilford

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The Facebook exploratory committee is off to a fantastic start. ?In less than 24 hours, we already have a Cocktail Czar, a Facilitator of Fabulosity, and a Director of Hotness. ?I’m reminded of Hunter S. Thompson. ?UPDATE – Eric reminds me that he is the Minister of Photoshop Hilarity, for obvious reasons!

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