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Everyone’s Akron fave.

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Back to the tour de force.

Brunner cannot be attacked on unemployment BECAUSE she’s not been in a position that is directly responsible for jobs! That’s why she’s the better candidate for it. The attack of her for Ohio’s job losses falls flat because she hasn’t been in charge of the State’s economic development during the worst job loss since the Great Depression! It’s a punch that doesn’t land well when used on her. Whereas it’s Fisher’s glass jaw. When you have a choice between a candidate who is the personification of the worst issue for us electorally and […]

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Concern Troll

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… or the Ohio Constituion.

Roughly a month ago, we suggested that Governor Strickland should use his constitutional powers to keep the General Assembly in session until it solves the budget impasse.

Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Strickland has announced that he is prepared to do exactly that.

Have a Merry Christmas, Senate GOP!

P.S.-? Blogs don’t matter.

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Today, I called the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to get the signature requirements for petitions to be a candidate for the new county executive and council seats and the county executive seat recently created by the passage of Issue 6. ?I spoke to five different people, from the bottom to the top. ?No one knows, and the entire question is at this moment in the hands of the board’s lawyers – namely, the lawyer who represents all county business….Issue 6 architect and county prosecutor Bill Mason.

The reason? ?The language in the new charter which governs the signature […]

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Facing a double digit gap in the polling, behind millions in dollars, and having virtually no support, it’s a good thing for the party that Barack Obama dropped out and got behind Hillary Clinton.

While all these Fisher supporters came out of the woodwork calling Fisher’s primary win inevitable, not one of them has called his victory against Rob Portman even likely.

Odd rallying cry, folks.

(I will concede that the historical analogy isn’t apt.? In reality, Jennifer Brunner is polling in a virtual tie with Fisher while Obama was behind double-digits.)

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Homework: Algebra. Gatsby. Taliban.

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I love where I live.

Arlington County, Virginia is quite a liberal oasis.

I heard this story this morning on our local, Washington, D.C. NPR station about one of our middle schools. Apparently, while teaching critical-thinking skills to our next generation, a teacher assigned a mock United Nations debate topic where one team of students had to represent the Taliban. Imagine having to learn WHY the Taliban does what it does!

Anyway, the principal pulled the plug on the exercise after some parents complained.

Now, why I love living in Arlington: 1) a teacher actually had the […]

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10,000 pot shots and counting!

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We recently surpassed 5,000 posts here at Plunderbund. It’s a meaningless little milestone for the most part but does speak to the strength and consistency of the blog over time. We are, afterall, in our fifth year of bloggy greatness. 😉

Another milestone passed this morning as well. 10,000 comments. Another indication of the interaction among writers and readers here. Somewhat meaningless, yes, but it still speaks to those who engage and comment here and we appreciate it.

Fittingly, the 10,000th comment:

You can support Jennifer Brunner in the Ohio US Senate primary. it’s clear that Dems […]

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We all know Lee’s oppo team loves watching these, so there’s a treat at the end for ya’ll.

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I’m going to disagree with David Potts @ BSB over this one.  I don’t understand why Strickland is siding with Buddish and the Ohio Black Legislative Caucus over this one.

Here’s the run down:  the Senate GOP has said they’ll given the Democrats the votes needed to freeze income tax rates in return they’re asking that the legislation also implements public contracting reform and sentencing reform as well.

Both of these proposals were in Strickland’s initial budget introduced at the beginning of the year in legislation that was expected to be signed into law in June.  However, both […]

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I was wondering this myself!

Second, Marilyn Brown may have cured every Franklin resident of cancer for all I care, but the way she caved and cleared the field for Garrison (when Garrison had not exactly showed the monolithic support you claimed) was crappy, especially after she’d gotten a large number of state legislators to endorse her over their own House Majority Floor Leader.

Seems Marilyn Brown’s endorsers showed more courage than Marilyn Brown. ?Shocking! ?I’d like to know what Marilyn Brown is doing with the money she raised to run for SOS. ?Is she giving it back? ?Or […]

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