From the daily archives: Monday, December 14, 2009

It’s all here. ?The first thing I noticed – in an era when it was assumed you needed at least a 100,000 vote margin in Cuyahoga County to win statewide, Lee only won Cuyahoga by 83,000 votes. ?That required margin has grown larger since.

Lost Franklin County by 12,000 votes. ?Lost Hamilton County by 62,000 votes. ?The big swing county, Stark? ?Lost that by almost 8,000 votes. ?Outraised Bob Taft. ?In an economy humming along at Clinton-era, dot-com era bubble levels. ?Still lost the state by 220,000 votes.

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Good. ?Anthony says she’s considering a few things!

The question Hoke must answer is whether or not….

Here’s the deal, Candice. ?The question is whether or not YOU ACTUALLY RUN. ?If you intend to ACTUALLY RUN, you will have more support than you could ever hope for. ?And unless you ACTUALLY RUN, this blogger is going to be silent about your candidacy, however fine a secretary of state you would make, which by the looks of it, could be stellar. ?Could. ?Might. ?Should. ?WHATEVER.

This is one guy who’s sick and tired of being bait and switched by candidates […]

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The candidates are jumping in fast and furious. ? I remember Ed Fitzgerald from his tenure in Cuyahoga County Young Dems. ?Wasn’t impressed. ?I suppose he’ll be vying for the big downtown money that would normally go to Joe Cimperman, which means Cimperman has a decision to make, quick. ?Add Fitzgerald to Republican, current non-Cuyahoga County resident Matt Dolan.

What are Fitzgerald’s chances? ?Mediocre, and if Cimperman gets in, less than mediocre.

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Pan Geller’s typical post over at Atlas Shrugs is a long, rambling mess of multiple topics that usually includes wild accusations and conspiracy theories painfully displayed in randomly colored, underlined and bolded words surrounded by pictures of all shapes and sizes. It looks like the work of a 8 year old web designer from 1998.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this short, distinct, two-sentence post hidden in the middle of her latest mindless drivel:


Due to logistical and scheduling difficulties, we are forced to postpone the Rifqa Rally that had been scheduled for December […]

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A lot of people ask me why I support Jennifer Brunner for US Senate, the answer is simple. ?Courage. ?Brunner says what she’s going to do, then does it. ?She ran for Secretary of State saying she’d clean up our sad electoral processes, she did it. ?Brunner saw an opening for the US Senate, she’s going for it.

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly likely that when Brunner is our nominee, she will be the victim of a statewide Democratic ticket filled with a bunch of opportunistic cowards, backed by a bunch of opportunistic cowards, thus pathetic in the extreme because this state’s […]

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I don’t know any other explanation for this but to say that God, in an effort to protect his planet, struck down a global warming skeptic on live Danish TV.

During a live primetime climate-debate broadcasted on Danish national TV one of the participators, climate-skeptic scientist Henrik Svensmark, had a heart attack.

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Word is that people are out raising money for Republican Matt Dolan’s county executive race in Cuyahoga. ?He’s in. ?Problem being, dude has to move into the county. ?He currently lives in Geauga County. ?Dolan will probably raise a significant amount, so this puts pressure on Dems to settle on a real, viable candidate.

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