From the daily archives: Sunday, December 13, 2009

I wonder who in Cleveland could have possibly searched for “David Bentkowski” on Google today at 4:39pm?

I wonder who in Cleveland could have then navigated to this post:
Republican Seven Hills mayor Dave Bentkowski?s 9 page discussion of his penis size at 4:41 pm?

I wonder who in Cleveland then flagged this comment of mine at 4:43pm?

Hi David Bentkowski!

Since David Bentkowski didn’t know Photoshop existed I’m guessing David Bentkowski also doesn’t understand concepts like SEO, IP addresses, and analytics software. Let me help David Bentkowski out. We see you. We know […]

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Yes. That’s right. Tim won’t talk about it even though he talks about everything else Lebron related including his seemingly inexplicable silence on the WTAM Beck/Limbaugh catastrophe or why he and Shaq should buy The Lancer.

Somehow this one slipped him by:

At the mere mention of John Wall’s name, LeBron James’ eyes soften as he tries to swallow a knowing smile.

“Yeah, I have a relationship with him,” James said. “A really good relationship. With not only John, but his family. We talk all the time.”

The Great Wall of Kentucky. See greatness. Know […]

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Is the 7th Cuyahoga County Council district ripe for a Russo who’s already done his time? ?With Dale Miller’s entry into the 2d District race, I’m beginning to think a lot of big names are looking to make the same jump. ?This likely means it’ll be a crowded ballot in my district, the 7th.

The 7th?includes Cleveland City Council Wards 3 (downtown, Tremont, Ohio City, St. Clair-Superior), 7 (Hough), 8 (Glenville), 9 (University Circle, Little Italy), and 12 (Slavic Village). ?The big elephant in that room is Joe Cimperman in Ward 3. ?His name has been floated constantly for […]

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