From the daily archives: Friday, December 11, 2009

I’ve confirmed from several sources that State Senator Dale Miller will leave his State Senate seat to run for one of the 11 newly created county council seats in Cuyahoga County.

Very interesting on several levels. ?First, this creates a scrum for Dale’s Senate seat, and what a scrum that will be. ?Dale has been in the Ohio Legislature since 1996, and a lot of people have been waiting in line behind him. ?Pols from Parma, Lakewood, city council in 5 Cleveland wards…all will have a look. ? It’s likely to stay Dem, but a Republican with a strong name […]

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And the reporter who had this information (of course) conveniently misses both.

During the Issue 3 campaign John Kasich was asked, multiple times, what his stance was.  For the most part, the Central Ohio Republican refused to issue any opinion.  He demurred and claimed that he simply hadn’t studied the issue.  The closest he came to offering any opinion strongly suggested he supported the issue at least conceptually:

“I’m not ideologically opposed to gambling,” the former Westerville congressman said. “I haven’t made up my mind on it, but I’m not going to say we’re not going to do […]

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Here’s the Afghanistan portion of today’s interview with Jennifer Brunner. ?We talked about other stuff, that’ll come next week. ?Some thoughts.

Jennifer clearly seems conflicted about the Afghanistan situation. ?I respect that she’s changed her position, but change her position she did. ?We discussed drones in Pakistan, Al Qaeda, and how Jennifer would vote on funding for the war if Senator. ?We’ll have to agree to disagree on the troop increase announced this month.

Bottom line, I came away supporting Jennifer more than I did before, largely because this discussion occurred. ?This kind of engagement with voters says a lot […]

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Pam Geller continues to wage her personal Jihad against anything and everything Muslim. And a young Ohio girl and her family continue to be caught in the crossfire.

Pam and her freaksquad of hate-spewing, religiously intolerant fuckwits are planning another rally in Columbus later this month in an attempt to break apart the Bary family simply because the daughter has chosen a different religious path than her Muslim parents.

In Pam’s view, Christians and Muslims – even members of the same family – must be sworn mortal enemies and can never coexist. And anyone who attempts […]

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Video of the Jennifer Brunner interview we live streamed today will be available on Youtube later today. ?Thanks to all who watched online. ?More thoughts later, but generally, we all found Jennifer very forthcoming, and we appreciate the opportunity to engage. ?Stay tuned for video.

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Join us today at 11am when we’ll be interviewing Jennifer Brunner on her position related to Afghanistan.? We’ll be spending 30 minutes with the candidate for U.S. Senate and will be streaming the discussion live.? We’ll also be shooting some regular video and will post for those unable to view the live stream.

See you at 11am. To comment and interact, go here.

Note: The live stream concluded at 11:30am today. Thanks for those who watched. It was fun learning a bit about We will probably do these more often as the situation warrants. We forgot to […]

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