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This reflects everything that annoys me about the Green Party.  They cannot handle any criticism, even when they’re caught red-handed lying about a Democratic incumbent’s record on the environment.  In response to my earlier post pointing out the Green Party’s gubernatorial candidate has been, on multiple occasions, flat out lying in claiming that Strickland doesn’t support wind power when not only has he said he supports it, he’s obtained millions in federal and state funding to promote such technologies in Ohio, the candidate goes back to ProgressOhio and throws a hissy fit:

Dear Plunderbund,

Your Democractic Governor is […]

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Uh….Steelers? Buh-bye.

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There is nothing more useless in our democratic system of government than a Green Party candidate.  I can’t think of a single organization that has been more self-defeating to its goals than the Green Party (well, maybe NAMBLA, but that’s hardly good company.)

Lately, no-shot Green Party gubernatorial candidate has been on a blogsphere tear criticizing Governor Strickland for allegedly not supporting wind power and alternative energy.

In one post, the Green Party’s candidate applauded MA Governor’s for announcing that parties are entering into, but have not reached, an agreement for an utility to purchase electricity from a […]

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I had heard that living a hypocritical, taxpayer funded existence when you’re supposedly a small government conservative Republican caused mental issues. ?But I never thought I’d come across Jon Keeling, former Kasich staffer, current and career long suckling on the government teat, also known as DJ Tablesauce.

It doesn’t behoove the Ohio GOP to reveal in every single thing they do, and in everything their chosen oppo dump blogger writes, that Rob Portman REALLY REALLY wants to run against Lee Fisher instead of Jennifer Brunner. ?But that sure doesn’t stop them.

Your Party estabishment, run by Governor Strickland and […]

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Deep thought

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For the past few weeks, every story on the Democratic Senate primary has mentioned that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is hosting a D.C. fundraiser for Lee Fisher as yet another sign of the Fisher campaign’s awesomeness.

And yet, I know I’m not the only Democrat who thinks that Harry Reid’s support has some downside (after all, currently polling shows Reid getting blown out of the water in his re-election campaign next year in Nevada.)? The Fisher campaign’s website conspicuously omits any reference to Senate Majority Leader Reid’s support.

This is the same campaign website that’s been updated […]

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So Kasich’s astroturfing blogger, Third Base Politics, is trumpeting the latest Rasmussen poll showing Kasich ahead by nine points.  The idiot actually thinks its noteworthy that 70 some Kasich supporters tweeted about it.  (That’s remarkable, how?)

Yes, Rasmussen, the favorite pollster of the GOP (since everyone realized that John Zogby was simply unreliable) says Kasich is up nine points, but there are fault lines that show Kasich’s support is incredibly soft:

1) Strickland’s favorability ratings are just fine and exceed Kasich.  So, it means that Ohioans like Strickland personally.

2) Kasich has no name recognition.  He’s […]

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Pam Geller’s Personal Jihad

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I don’t know about you but I remember being 17 all too well. I remember thinking I was the smartest person in the world. And I remember thinking my parents were complete idiots who didn’t understand me or any of the teenage turmoil, tension and occasional trauma I was going through.

It turns out I was wrong. No big surprise there.

Sure my parents weren’t always right. But they did their best while I was at my worst and I really regret putting them through all of that stupid drama. In the end we all got through it though. Primarily […]

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